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Серия 16 "Turtle of a Thousand Faces" [121]
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ID:	20789"Turtle of a Thousand Faces" / "Рафаэль - многоликая черепашка"
("Рафаэль - Черепашка с тысячью лиц")

Автор сценария: Dennis O'Flaherty
Премьера: November 23, 1991

Основные персонажи: The TMNT, Splinter, April O'Neil, Irma
Второстепенные персонажи: Metro Bank Vice President, Mad Dog McMutt, McMutt's thugs
Местоположения: Turtles' Lair, Metro Bank, Central Park, McMutt's Hideout

Полная версия сюжета на английском языке (под спойлером):
Raphael's ego is bruised when the other Turtles refuse to take him seriously when he informs them that he is taking a correspondence class in the art of disguise, so he challenges his brothers to go to Central Park and pick him out of a crowd. If they can-- they all get free pizza. This is an offer that Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello cannot refuse.

Raphael goes to the nearest Post Office, grabs a wanted poster, and makes up his face to appear as none other than Mad Dog McMutt and heads for the park. What Raphel does not know is that the real Mad Dog is taking a walk in the very same park and, after an encounter with a stray dog over a bone, is knocked unconscious and left hidden in the bushes.

Meanwhile, April fears that her job is on the line and that she must find a news story by the end of the day or find a new job. When she sees Mad Dog McMutt strolling through the park she sees a golden opportunity. She convinces Irma to go with her as they attempt to follow McMutt.

The other three Turtles, who have been following Raphael, enter the park, find the McMutt wanted poster and realize that Raphel is disguised as the notorious crime figure. But elsewhere in the park, McMutt's thugs encounter Raphael as McMutt and take him back to their hideout so they can commit the "caper of the century" with April and Irma following close behind.

A few minutes later, the other three Turtles find the real McMutt who they believe to be Raphael -- only he has lost him memory and cannot remember who he is. The Turtles convince him that he is Raphael until he is attacked by the same stray dog, knocked down and regains his memory. McMutt pretends to be Raphael until he learns that the real Raphael is impersonating him and that his thugs believe that Raphael is McMutt.

Meanwhile, April and Irma have been caught by McMutt's thugs when they break into McMutt's hideout. Raphael reveals his true identity to them but his ruse is soon discovered when the real McMutt shows up.

April, Irma and Raphael are taken along for the ride when McMutt and his thugs "commit the crime of the century" which is literally stealing the Museum of Natural History -- it seems that McMutt has a thing for bones -- especially dinosaur bones.

His plans go awry when Irma and April get peeved enough to take on McMutt himself. And thanks to April and her video camera, Burne Thompson renews her contract at Channel Six News.

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