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1991 - Playmates Toys
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Название: msdon.jpg
Просмотров: 40
Размер:	36,8 Кб
ID:	32072

The Clever Kowabunga Creator!

Accessories: Tinseltown Trashcan Shield, I Win, You Ooze Canister, Flick Fire Extinguisher, 2 (count 'em, 2) Bodacious Bos, Ninja Stars, Bodacious Belt

Movie Star Don - a four star feature player - and he's only a teenager! Famous for his bop bag imatation, Don always remembers his lines - especially his punchlines! With his flick fire extinguisher and bodacious bos, it's two thumbs up for this three-fingered Foot fighter. There's never a dull moment on screen when Don's doin' his stuff - like when he wrangles a Foot Soldier kowabunga cowboy-style. And if the director yells, "Cut!" Don dons his Tinseltown trashcan shield - just in case!

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Название: msleo.jpg
Просмотров: 24
Размер:	33,9 Кб
ID:	32073

The Master Mutant Matinee Idol!

Accessories: Movietime Manhole Cover, I Win, You Ooze Canister, Foot Bopper, 2 (count 'em, 2) On Cue Katana Blades, Ninja Stars, Bodacious Belt

This mutant movie star has been seen by thousands - nay, mutant millions! He's lead role Leo - and he's fresh from the screen and lookin' like a true teen idol. Even though Leo can propel props and clear a path through a horde of hideous Foot henchman, he prefers to use his movietime manhole cover. Ever since he's picked up a Foot bopper at the toy store, Leo's become a master head basher. And whether he's hanging over sharp metal shards or slicin' pizza, Leo always remembers his lines - and his cue katana blades. So, go ninja go - get the hard-edged glitz 'n glamour of lens-lovin' Leo!

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Название: msmike.jpg
Просмотров: 27
Размер:	33,7 Кб
ID:	32074

The Slapstick Celluloid Star

Accessories: Last Picture Pizza Box Shield, I Win, You Ooze Canister, Celluloid Sausage Nunchaku, 2 (count 'em, 2) Newly Released Nunchakus, Ninja Stars, Bodacious Belt

Whether he's tossing the Foot Clan or tossing a pizza, you can be sure this heroic ham has an eye on adventure. Perhaps that's why he's garnered millions of adoring anti-Foot fans. It's not just his kowabunga kickin' of the creepy Clan that gets the crowd crowing though. It's also Mike's grogeous green tan and sweet sewer smile. Wielding his celluloid sausuage nunchaku, this cold cutting crimefighter's working his way to top billing. Along with the last picture box shield, Mike's makin' mutant movie history! And if those fiendish Foot Clan clowns try stealing the limelight, Mike'll make mincemeat out of 'em with his razor sharp wit and ninja stars. Like Mike says, all the good

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Название: msraph.jpg
Просмотров: 18
Размер:	40,3 Кб
ID:	32075

The Dramatic Debuting Dude!

Accessories: Tinseltown Turtle Shell Shield, I Win, You Ooze Canister, Yuk-yuk Yo-yo, 2 (count 'em, 2) Silver Screen Sais, Ninja Stars, Bodacious Belt

Raph's the kind of reptile role player who likes to perform his own celluloid stunts - like taking on the whole Foot Clan by himself (wow, now that's a stunt)! Fueled by the frenzy of his fans (that's you), Raph's ready to wrangle and tangle with Shrehead and his henchmen. Armed with his yuk-yuk yo-yo, silver screen sais and an attitude the size of Hollywood, this Tinseltown Turtle is a guaranteed blcokbuster. It's no wonder Raph always says, "I love being a Turtle!"

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Название: rahzar.jpg
Просмотров: 19
Размер:	33,1 Кб
ID:	32076

The Wickedly Wailin' Wolfman!


Accessories: Reinforced Rib Protector, Spider Hook, Gravestone Shield, Skull Shatterin' Staff
Age: 23 Mutant Wolf Years (That's 3 years for you and me!)
Favorite Food: Teenage Mutant Turtle Chow
Favorite Pastime: Fetch the Turtle
Brain Weight: 3,462 ounces (You figure it out!)

Rahzar was once in the city zoo, until his master, Shredder, rescued him, oozed him - and turned him into one wailin' wolf... without a license! This ravaging rover won't roll over and play dead until the Turtles are sewer soup! Rahzar's a trained top notch Turtle tracker who can smell a shelled hero from here to eternity. He's just not house-broken, so be careful after he downs a dozen donuts, especially the ooze-filled kind!

Sucking up the sweet and sweaty sewer scent near their junkyard playground, Rahzar tosses a scap engine block and plays catch with his friend, Tokka, for fun. And when playtime's over, Rahzar takes up the Foot fight against the Turtles where the movie, "The Secret of the Ooze," left off. The tasty Teens better beware of Rahzar's rippin', razor-sharp paws. One pounce and the Turtles will be turned and torn into tender tummy tidbits. And when Rahzar returns to his roost, Shredder rewards him with a beef-basted beast biscuit.

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Название: tokka.jpg
Просмотров: 19
Размер:	32,9 Кб
ID:	32077

The Sewer Snappin' Turtle!


Accessories: Snappin' Scimitar Choppin' Chuks. Sicko Sai, Big Bad Stick, Belly Bustin' Belt
Favorite Master: Super Shredder
Favorite Food: Mashed-up Mutant Land Turtles!
Age: 2 mutant years old (730 days for you and me!)

Tokka's big, bad and ugly. And what's more - beware of his beastly brainless baby bite! Using stolen Retromutagen Ooze taken from the movie, "The Secret of the Ooze," ol' Shredhead created this generic junior to combat the Green Teens. Like any good sinister son, Tokka will do anything to please Shredder and become a full grown member of the Foot Clan. That's right! Tokka's still growing! And every time this spiked-shelled sea turtle sees the Turtles, it makes him seasick. His bulgin' baby body doesn't permit him to seek out the Turtles in the sewers. (He once got stuck in a manhole as the Turtles teased and tickled his sewer-soaked soles.) So Tokka takes to the streets, tearing down telephone poles with his mutant friend, Rahzar. But Tokka's a real retaliatin' reptile! Gripping his sinister scimitar and choppin' chuks, Tokka's a terrorizin' tike who's trapped in his terrible twos! Now the Turtles are up against one celluloid sicko who snaps!

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Название: slapleo.jpg
Просмотров: 11
Размер:	34,4 Кб
ID:	32078

The Ice Breakin' Hockey Hero!

Team: Underground Icebreakers

Position: Center

Height: 5' 4" with blades

Weight: 185 with gear and uniform

School Team: The Ice Cubed Kids

Acquired: First Round Draft Choice

Career Goals: 1128

Career Hat Tricks: 49.5 (using a real hat!)

Penalty Minutes: 0

On the ice, he's known as the Hat Trick Hero of the Turtle Hockey League. He's Slap Shot Leo - and he's a skate skiddin' scorer horror! This bodycheckin' bruiser's always ready to face-off against the high stickin' Foot fools. And when Leo passes the blue line, watch as the frozen Foot's goalie goon goes down. You can bet that the penalty box will fill up with bad boys as Leo's Turbo Battle Blades skate circles 'round the rink - and on to victory!

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Название: tdleo.jpg
Просмотров: 10
Размер:	36,7 Кб
ID:	32079

The Pigskin Passin' Football Fighter!

Team: Snapping Turtles

Position: Quarterback

Height: 5' 1" with cleats

Weight: 175 with gear and uniform

School Team: The Educated Animals

Acquired: First Round Draft Choice

Interceptions: 0

Attempted Passes: 800

Completed Passes: 800

Yards: 15000

Touchdowns: 342

Known for his cool maneuvers on and off the playing field, T.D. Tossin' Leo's the golden arm of the Snapping Turtles. He once made 400 complete passes in a row - to himself! Known for passing, catching and tackling, T.D.'s a one mutant Turtle team. His sewer strategy always shreds Shredder's best Bebop defense. T.D.'s most notorious play is the long stinko bomb. When asked about his secret success, T.D. said, "Lots of practice, lots of pizza."

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Название: kickraph.jpg
Просмотров: 8
Размер:	37,7 Кб
ID:	32080

The Super Sewer Soccer Player!

Team: Sewer Sonics

Position: Striker

Height: 5' with cleats

Weight: 157 lbs. with inflated ball

School Team: The Grass Eaters

First Round Draft Choice

Career Goals: 1114

Shell Kickin' Raph's one grass-stained green guy who's out to use everything but his hands. Reknowned for his powerhouse kickin' leg, this side-steppin' soccer sensei can out maneuver most mutants - on and off the field. Using his sewer spike kick, Shell Kickin' Raph's always the top scoring Turtle team player. He's got the head for hammering, the legs for kickin' and the shell for scorin'. Ten times winner of the mutant world cup, Shell Kickin' Raph's got the moves of a real half-shelled champion.

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Название: slamraph.jpg
Просмотров: 10
Размер:	35,0 Кб
ID:	32081

The Baseball Bashin' Batter!

Team: Amphibious All-Stars

Position: Shortstop

Height: 5' 1" with batting helmet

Weight: 155 with bat and ball

School Team: The Pop Fly Eaters

Acquired: 2nd Round Draft Choice

Favortie Food: Bubblegum Pizza

Number of Hits: 985

Home Runs: 985

Batting Average: 1000

It's all runs, lots of hits and no errors with Grand Slammin' Raph - the swivel-hipped home run hitter. He's always trying to keep things in fair territory. He doesn't believe in walks or wimpy singles - it's home runs or nothin', home boy. In last year's Championship Series, Grand Slammin' Raph was voted MVP (Most Volatile Player). This hard-hittin' hero always hammers horsehides out of the ballpark - even Shredder's sewer spitballs! And so can you - when you power practice with Grand Slammin' Raph!

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Название: dunkdon.jpg
Просмотров: 13
Размер:	38,9 Кб
ID:	32082

The Hoop-hammerin' Hard Shelled Hero!

Team: Sewer City Slammers

Position: Forward/Center

Height: 5' 9" with hi-tops

Weight: 150 without Turtle Ball

School Team: The Reptile Rebounders

1st Round Draft Choice

Total Rebounds: 16,720

Total Assists: 300

Scoring Average: 94.0

Shoot and score with Slam Dunkin' Don. This half court hard head is a real three point sharp shooter. The guards are on guard as Slam Dunkin' triple loops every slammin' jammin' lay up. He's a backboard basher and a forecourt fouler. Master of the pick 'n roll, Slam Dunkin' Don's got the magic and the moves to score against the Foot foulin' scum. His tough playin' gets real well rewarded: MVP (Mutant Valuable Player), five years in a row.

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Название: ssmike.jpg
Просмотров: 9
Размер:	38,3 Кб
ID:	32083

The Radical Reptile Wrestler!

Title: Shell Weight Mutant World Champion

Height: 5' 2" with boots

Weight: 180 lbs. with championship cape (yes, it's a heavy cape)

School Team: The Pizza Pounders

144 Undefeated Matches - 1 Tie

Favortie Hold: The Sewer Sleeper

Shell Slammin' Mike's a hero that holds that hurt. Spinning... pinning... winning. That's the way Mike likes it. He'll even tangle with tag teams - and still slap them silly with his sonic slammin' legs! This royal rumblin' reptile's got an awesome array of mutant maneuvers - from the Foot Flattener to the Killer Kick. Shell Slammin' Mike can't wait to try out the Brain Buster hold on Krang's cranky cranium. And to really menace the meanies, he's got a championship cape and belt, proving he's a world class winner worth his weight in pizza!

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Название: supershred.jpg
Просмотров: 25
Размер:	37,8 Кб
ID:	32084

The Mutant-mincing Mega Madman!


Accessories: Shredder Communicator, Sinister Spiked Staff, Shred Studded Belt, Mini Ooze Canisters
Favorite Movies: Turtles I, Turtles II...
Favorite Line in the Movie: Prepare to Die, Turtles!
Favorite Frame of the Movie: No. 2,345 (Check it out!)

You thought the Green Guys took care of him in the first Ninja Turtle movie. But no! Now in "The Secret of the Ooze" Shredder's back! He's bad! He's mad! And he's oozed himself! He's Super Shredder - and he's out to bust up our boys! Glistening and not listening to reason, Super Shredder's got twice the Turtle-eating turbulence than the old simple Shredhead. Now he can use all his new menacing machinery to make mincemeat out of mutants who mess with him. Our Turtle Teens will have to stab through the steel of his atomized armor and dodge the sting of his spiked staff to do in Super Shredder! The Turtles will have to be super-sure of their skill before they take on the new and improved Super Shredder - 'cause this time he's ready! Are you?

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Название: skatemike.jpg
Просмотров: 8
Размер:	34,2 Кб
ID:	32085

The Pavement Poundin' Sidewalk Surfer!


Accessories: Turtle-textured Skateboard, Two Reptile Roller Blades and Detachable Wheel Weights!
Favorite Trick: Gleamin' the Cube while eatin' pizza
Favorite Food: You need to be told?
Favorite Boardin' Buddy: Mondo Gecko

Duck and cover, dudes! Skateboardin' Mike's greasin' the ground! He's the partyin' sidewalk surfer, the wave of the future - and he's ridin' it all the way. This freestylin' Foot fighter may falter, but he won't fall down! Battlin' with the baddies with his bodacious board, this mutant maniac mashes to music - the tubular tones of the concrete jungle! The Foot know to guard their knees when Skateboardin' Mike rockets toward them with his reptile roller blades shinin' the curbside. So don't be a poser - hop on the board with Skateboardin' Mike - the pavement poundin', sidewalk surfin', kowabunga kid!

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Название: hosedon.jpg
Просмотров: 8
Размер:	35,6 Кб
ID:	32086

The Firefightin' Foot Fighter!

Accessories: Easy-Access Axe, Sizzle-fizzle Sewer Seltzer Bottle, Fightin' Fire Hydrant with Hose
Favorite Phrase: "Ouch!"
Favorite Color: Fire Engine Red

Chill out and cool down, 'cause Hose 'em Down Don is blazin' a trail through the scorchin' sewers! The heat is on as this frantic firefightin' Foot fighter sizzles into action. Hose 'em Down Don's a flame-fightin' fool who won't rest till all hot-headed hoodlums are locked away. Foot fiends can run, but they can't hide from Hose 'em Down Don's sizzle-fizzle sewer seltzer bottle. And if those mechanical menaces hide behind closed doors, Don's easy-access axe is the perfect pass key! Shredder's metallic mutants will wail as they're turned into short circuit sandwiches from Don's fast actin' fightin' fire hydrant. So be cool - and don't get hot under the collar: Hose 'em Down Don's on the job.

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Название: makeleo.jpg
Просмотров: 11
Размер:	33,7 Кб
ID:	32087

The Kowabunga Crimefightin' Cop!

Accessories: Baddie Bustin' Belt, Sewerclub Nunchuku and Mutagen Magnum
Favorite Phrase: "Drop it, dude!"
Favorite Offense: 1128 (Eating a pizza with a knife and fork)

Pull over and drop everything, 'cause Make My Day Leo's patrolling his down 'n dirty bad boy beat. The city streets and slippery sewers are always safe while this kowabunga cop's on duty. With his sewerclub nunchuku and mutant magnum, Make My Day Leo's sure to keep the crooks on the hook and the crime in line. The Foot better learn to walk straight, 'cause lawman Leo's walkin' tall. And with Leo layin' down the law and layin' out the Foot, Shredder better watch his back, too. Leo knows the only way to reform that crime crazy crook is to re-form his metal face. So help take a piece of pizza outta crime - be a police partner with this reptilean rookie and righter of wicked wrongs!

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Название: punkdon.jpg
Просмотров: 14
Размер:	35,0 Кб
ID:	32088

The Pierced Punker of Kickin' Keyboards!

Accessories: Punk-Funk Flute Bo, Record Flyin' Discs, Kickin' Keyboard
Longest Solo: 40 nights - entitled "If I Stop Playing, Will You Still Like Me?"
Favorite Song: "Don's Big Time Solo"

Listen up, spudheads, Punker Don isn't a scum sucking, stage divin' sewer head. He's a kickin' kowabunga keyboardist of calamity. He's gonna slam dance the Foot into submission! This mutant mohawk of mayhem will make mincemeat outta any mindless minion who can't rock 'n roll. He'll crank your cranium with his punk-funk flute bo, then slide you on the inside with a flip of his flyin' record discs. But be wise dudes: the only thing more grating than Don's music is Shredder's armor. So watch the wax blast out of your ears - cuz the punk-sonic sounds of Don have dawned!

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Название: rockleo.jpg
Просмотров: 10
Размер:	35,9 Кб
ID:	32089

The Leader of Loud!

Accessories: Record Flyin' Discs, Turtle-textured Guitar, Katana-caster Guitar
Longest Solo: 40 days - entitled "My Fingers Are Stuck - Really Guys, I'm Not Kidding!"
Favorite Song: "Ninjas Are Nice"

Come on, baby! It's Leo, the Classic Rocker - and he's got somethin' to say. He's a rebel with a riff who rocks around the clock. Too cool to be a fool, Leo's loose as a goose and ready to juice. This retro-rocker's got a groovy greased guitar to start any joint hoppin'. But look out! If any Foot dare crash Leo's bash, he's ready with his studded straps, buckled boots and killer katana-caster. So kick back and swing and sway to the mutant sounds that are comin' your way! Classic Rocker Leo, the leader of loud, is here to stay!

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Название: rapmike.jpg
Просмотров: 14
Размер:	34,5 Кб
ID:	32090

The Record Rappin' Reptile!

Accessories: Mike's Microphone Nunchuku, Rappin' 'n Scratchin' Turntable, Kowa-cymbal Shields
Longest Rap: 3 days - entitled "Why I Love Pizza!"
Favorite Song: "Yo, Be My Pizza Posse!"

Kick it, dude. It's Rappin' Mike - and he's rip-rappin' to the rescue! Can't touch this clippin' lipper as he cribs it on the flipside. When Mike's mutin' the menace, you can't lose! He's hangin' a rappin' 'n scratchin' turntable to squelch the sewer scum from here to kingdom come. Ooze, baby, ooze! Lay an eye-spy on Mike's def mutant mic - yo, it's a ninety decibel nunchuku! And keep 'em hip hoppin' and Foot floppin' with Mike's moon moccasins. So be cool home boy: ice it on the spotlight and blast it with the sheik of shell. Go, ninja, go with Rappin' Mike!

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Название: metalraph.jpg
Просмотров: 13
Размер:	38,3 Кб
ID:	32091

The Green Governor of Guitar!

Accessories: Record Flyin' Discs, Drum Stick Sais, Bass Bashin' Guitar
Longest Riff: 3 nights - entitled "I Can Play Guitar While I Sleep"
Favorite Song: "Pizza Breath in the Nostrils of Love"

Take a mega-breath, cuz Heavy Metal Raph's here to play! And with metal-maniac Raph's decibel-deafening duets, the Foot will fall fast. This headbangin' raff rifter rifles off rhythms like the heavy metal mutant he is! He's tuned tight and ready for a fight. Raph's even heeled with spiked brute boots to keep bogus bass players from playing his game. So crank it up and turn it over or be sucked into the gruesome depths of disco. Heavy Metal Raph will never die!

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Название: pilotdon.jpg
Просмотров: 9
Размер:	37,4 Кб
ID:	32092

The Dogfightin' Do-gooder!

Accessories: Bail Out Party Parachute, Aviator Airplane Pistol, Hard-Headed Helmet with High Altitude Oxygen System, Anti-Foot Flag
Favortie Phrase: "Bombs away!"
Enemy Aircraft Shot Down: Pogocopter (254 times!)

The cockpit will never be the same with Pro Pilot Don, the dogfihtin' do-gooder! He's got the fever to fly and the fuel to float. With his eagle eye, Don's ready to engage any enemy aircraft. Equipped with a high altitude oxygen system, Pro Pilot Don can soar to supersonic speeds as he patrols the Foot-infested skies, on an unending quest for peace and pizza for all. So cover your head, cuz when Don flies, the Foot fall fast and flat.

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Название: ltleo.jpg
Просмотров: 13
Размер:	34,7 Кб
ID:	32093

The Desert Duelin' Dude!

Accessories: Anti-Foot Flag, Two Bowling Ball Bombs, Pizza Box Bazooka, Tin Can Launcher
Favortie Battle: Pizza Hill
Greatest Victory: Being able to tie his boots with three fingers

Over hill, over dale, Lieutenant Leo marches up the dusty trail. He's an invasion force of one, an entire green ground war all by himself. Covered by his cleverly camouflaged combat clothes, Lt. Leo disappears into the sewer sand, leaving the Foot fools to wonder where he'll strike next. Leo likes to level the losers with his pizza box bazooka, and when that's not enough, he'll hunker down and engage the enemy in a down 'n dirty, hand-to-hand home boy duel. Let it be said, though, that Leo's prime objective is to keep peace - and only when the Shredder shoots first does Leo let loose his bowling ball bombs on the fightin' Foot pinheads!

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Название: midmike.jpg
Просмотров: 10
Размер:	37,2 Кб
ID:	32094

The Salty Sewer Sailor!

Accessories: Sewer Sea Gull, Dynamic Duffel Bag, Power-Packed Puddle Paddle, Anti-Foot Flag
Favortie Ship: U.S.S. Pizza
Enemy Ships Sunk: Footski (397 times!)

No ship is safe from sinking in the sewers without Midshipman Mike. He's the salty sewer sailor who can swim, swashbuckle and swab the deck - all without getting his "duds" dirty! This briny battle boy is ready for high sea adventure. Mike will paddle the punks and send 'em all straight to Davy Jones' locker. Yes, the waterways will always be sewer safe as long as Midshipman Mike's on the deck. So, ahoy you mutant mateys and don't make waves, make way... for Midshipman Mike!

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Название: raphberet.jpg
Просмотров: 12
Размер:	40,0 Кб
ID:	32095

The Toughest Tactical Turtle!

Accessories: Whip Cream Pistol, Plunger Gun, Anti-Foot Flag, Biting Bulldog Buddy
Favorite Hero: Gomer Reptile
Favorite Weapon: Bare hands

Like a silent green ghost parachuting in the dead of night, Raph is the toughest tactical Turtle to take on the Foot. Trained to tenderize Shredder and rescue April, this guerilla-gripped green good guy always completes his secret sewer mutant missions. Sabotage and espionage are the tools of his trade; for a true Green Teen Beret needs not the weapons of wicked warriors. No, rather, Raph uses his justifiable jungle sense and super soldier skills to make his bare hands his greatest weapon. But if the goin' gets really rough, Raph's got wacky weapons to fool the Foot. One shot from his whip cream pistol and he's just chopped nuts and a cherry away from a victory sundae. So raise the anti-Foot flag high - and wave it proudly. Democracy rules, dudes!

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Название: ssleo.jpg
Просмотров: 15
Размер:	33,4 Кб
ID:	32096

The Leader with a Locker!


Accessories: Turtle Grappling Hook, Armadillo Club, Pizza Disc, Spiked Knuckle/Climbing Claw, Two Ninja Stars, Two Katana Blades
Capacity: Sixteen Turtle Tons
Favorite Book: Encyclopedia of Cabinets

Always prepared for any sewer situation, Leo's got everything he needs in his new ninja nook. Now when Leo leads the fearless foursome into Foot territory, he'll have all his wacky weapons to back him up. Everything fits neatly into Leo's travelling Turtle trunk; the armadillo club packed in place, the spiked knuckles securely stored and the pizza disc mutantly mounted. Even with all this, Leo still has room for his katana blades, grappling hook and ninja stars, plus any extra sewer stuff you can cram in. So load him up, 'cause Leo is one leader who won't get caught with his back empty.

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Название: ssmikey.jpg
Просмотров: 11
Размер:	34,6 Кб
ID:	32097

The Hero on a Hinged Half Shell!


Accessories: Pipe Grappling Hook, Mini-sickle, Snake Bow, Pizza Disc, Two Nunchukus, Two Ninja Stars, Turtle Flashlight
Capacity: Fourteen Turtle Tons or 500 Packed Pizzas
Favorite Time: Party Time!

Mike used to take mid-battle breaks to scarf down some heavy duty pizza power, but now with his pizza-packing back, he keeps going and going. Mike can scrunch lots of pizza in his thermal storage shell, and even more if he didn't have to take along an anti-Foot arsenal. But Mike knows that without his pipe grappling hook and mini-sickle he could end up as Turtle-topping on a Foot Clan double crust special. So he packs his nunchukus and his flashlight (which also works as a portable pizza heater), just in case those party crashing creeps interrupt his snack. Now if he could only figure out a way to keep his ninja stars from getting gooey.

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Название: ssraph.jpg
Просмотров: 8
Размер:	34,9 Кб
ID:	32098

The Turtle teen with a Crafty Compartment!


Accessories: Spider Hook, Manta Axe, Two Sais, Blowfish Mace, Ninja-rang, Pizza Disc, Two Ninja Stars
Capacity: Fourteen Turtle Tons
Favorite Musical Group: The Doors

Master of the back attack, Raph's ready to blast those sewer soaked Foot fools with everything packed in his shell. This tricky Turtle teen loves to fake out the Foot into thinking he's empty-handed - but we all know better than that! With just a flick of his shell, he's got everything a Foot fighting hero needs; a manta axe for hacking hoods in half, a blowfish mace to knock out the Clan's transistorized teeth and a ninja-rang for boomer-anging bad boys. But that's not all! Raph's super storage shell still has room for more secret sewer stuff, like ninja stars and a pizza disc! So don't worry when Raph's all alone and surrounded by a hoard of henchmen, 'cause his secret stash of Foot flipping weapons is always right behind him.

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Название: tattoo.jpg
Просмотров: 13
Размер:	35,5 Кб
ID:	32099

The Flesh-etched Illustrated Man!


Accessories: Terrifying Turtle Tattoos, Sumo Snake, Burnisher Staff
Birthplace: Skinsville, Japan
Weight: 378.5 lbs. (with tattoos)
Favorite Food: Mussels

Heckled for being humongous, this heavy hero took his fat into his own hands and joined a secret sumo society to defend his honor. There he was branded Tattoo. Henceforth, he decided to engulf his entire body with tattoos to live up to his name. Now that he's done up his dermis, Tattoo takes his tonnage to the Turtle Teens to help them fight the Foot. Armed with only his massive muscles and skin illustrations, Tattoo beats the baddies with his bare hands. To further fool the Foot, Tattoo's tattoos even come to life. And when he's not using his scary skin, this inked individual flexes his forearms and funnels his fat to flatten the Foot. What's more - the green guys really like him, 'cause his tattoos remind them of pizza topping!

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Название: dirtbag.jpg
Просмотров: 18
Размер:	34,2 Кб
ID:	32100

The Militant Mutant Mole!


Accessories: Jack Hammer Gun, Chisel Knife, 4-pointed Pick and Rat Pack
Birthplace: City subway
Weight: 240 lbs. (dirty)
Favorite Food: Splinter on a shingle
Favorite Restaurant: The Cave Inn

Put your ear to the ground and listen for Dirtbag, the militant mutant mole man. He's a crazy coal miner and a mad mole all rolled into one. Dirtbag tunnels through sewers like a chisel through cheese. This mutant mole's main mission is to seek out and destroy his arch enemy, Splinter. And sewer searchin' can't be easier with Dirtbag's gear: a rancid rat pack and chisel knife. The sewers are sure to crumble under the weight of Dirtbag's jack hammer gun - the deadliest pneumatic tool in the world! And Splinter better stop snoozin' in his meditation chamber, 'cause Dirtbag's got a mind-numbing 4-pointed pick. Nothing can stop this tunneling terror - not walls, not boulders - maybe not even the Turtles! So listen hard and listen long, for the next sound you hear could be Splinter splintering!

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Название: wyrm.jpg
Просмотров: 19
Размер:	35,1 Кб
ID:	32101

The Wiggly Weirdo Warrior!


Accessories: Trash Compactor Mallet, Worm Knife, Worm Belt, Porcuepounder and Munchy Mouth Worms
Birthplace: City dump
Weight: 183 lbs. (with open mouth)
Favorite Food: Rotten Meat
Favorite Measurement: Inch

One day, a mild-mannered trash man slipped and fell headlong into Shredder's garbage bin. The resulting nightmare: Wyrm - a planetarium warped and wiggly creepy crawler. Embarrassed by his slimy stench, this greedy garbage ghoul gathers gunk from the bowels of the sewers. This head honcho of the Unsanitation Department has a voracious appetite for munchy mouth worms, which make his eyes bulge with hunger. Tenderizing rancid rubbish with his trash compactor mallet, Wyrm's got the belly of a beast - and the breath to prove it. Only Muckman's foul enough to be Wyrm's friend. Mostly, though, no one likes to get too close to Wyrm - and that's why he's one solitary slitherer.

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Название: spaceu.jpg
Просмотров: 25
Размер:	36,0 Кб
ID:	32102

The Retro-rocketing Rabbit!


Accessories: Celery Silencer, Cosmic Carrot Cannon, Cosmic Cape, Hare Helmet
Favorite Food: Space Carrot Sticks (freeze dried)
Favorite Joke: Mooning

Far out! It's Space Usagi, the galactic good guy and retro-rocketing rabbit! He's gone where no bad boy bustin' bunny has gone before. We're talkin' 'bout space, the final fronthare! Draped in his cape, from which he derives his keen sense of the Universe, Space Usagi orbits orbs, passes planets and conquers cosmic criminals with the help of Raph, the Space Cadet! The sinister spaced-out Shredder doesn't stand a chance against Space Usagi's warp drive weapons. Listen for the inaudible blasts of the celery silencer! Watch for the glow of the radiated recoil from Usagi's cosmic carrot cannon! And always remember, in space no one can hear you crunch!

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Название: antrax.jpg
Просмотров: 19
Размер:	37,4 Кб
ID:	32103

The Picnic Punk with a Four Fisted Punch!


Accessories: Ante-up Axe with Nasty Noose, Beat 'em Back Bat, The Old Ball & Chain
Favorite Activity: Pizza Picnic Raids
Favorite Song: "Dead Ant, Dead Ant"...
Brain Weight: What brain?
Number of Arms: As if you didn't know!

When Antrax comes marching in, heads will roll! He's mean, he's deadly - and worst of all, he's quadridexterous! That means he has four arms (just count 'em)! This insidious insect used to be the only executioner in Dimension X. That was until yesterday, when Krang, on his annual scouting trip for Turtle tearing talent, spotted this top crop choice! Krang was impressed with Antrax's skill with the ante-up axe and the beat 'em back bat. Krang offered Antrax money, power - even cable TV (with all the channels, of course). Antrax accepted and became Krang's own judge, jury and Turtle executioner. Dimension X is now a tad nicer place to visit, but the Turtles are now more worried than ever. Besides his battling bites and unnatural devotion to Krang, this awesome-armed ant will turn any Turtle pizza picnic into a panic party.

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Название: sgt.jpg
Просмотров: 16
Размер:	36,1 Кб
ID:	32104

The Guerilla Gorilla Good Guy!


Accessories: Larry the Lemur, Iguana Gun & Jungle Snack Belt
Favorite Hangout: Any tree will do
Favorite Food: Banana Pancakes
Weight: 600 lbs. (with a bunch of bananas)
Shoe Size: Same as his glove size

Maybe he's goin' coconuts; maybe he's goin' ape - but for sure, he's bananas - Sergeant Bananas, that is! This crazed critter of the Congo's got the mutant muscle of a million monkeys! And he's ready to wreak havoc on the Foot Clan. All because Shredder slopped Retromutagen Ooze over his jungle gym. After wandering through the muck, this soldier of misfortune mutated with a hairy gorilla. Now he's a gorilla guerilla. Or is that guerilla gorilla? In any case, he's gonna swing into civilization and sway through the sewers to help the Turtles put an end to the Foot Clan's reign of terror. With the aid of his pesky primate pal, Larry the Lemur, Sergeant Bananas is just crazy enough to use his iguana gun at the first sight of trouble. So stand back - Sergeant Bananas isn't monkeyin' around this time!

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Название: walkabout.jpg
Просмотров: 16
Размер:	36,6 Кб
ID:	32105

The Kicking Kangaroo from Down Under!


Accessories: Eliminating Elephant Gun, Bring 'em Back Boomerang, Outback PAck, Kid Kangie
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Weight: 240 lbs. (with Kid Kangie)
Favortie Entertainment: Listening to the Turtles singing "Waltzing Matilda" on tour

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the sewers is another land down under - a place called Australia. It's outback country, mostly. And there's not much to do there besides hunting crocodiles and talkin' a gutful to ratbags and deadheads. That's why Walkabout took for the States like a possum up a gum tree. He heard all about the Turtles havin' to do the lolly to make sure the city stays fair dinkum from the Foot Clan. To make himself feel at home, Walkabout became a swagman and lived down under - in the sewers, that is. That's how he made mates of the Turtle Teens. Together, they chuck a willy against Shredder and his motley hoons. And when the boomerang's hung up for the day, the greenies and Walkabout kick back and enjoy pizza on the barbie.

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Название: chrome.jpg
Просмотров: 16
Размер:	34,5 Кб
ID:	32106

The Mechanical Master of Metal!


Accessories: Silicon Sai, Neutron Ninja Swords, Gigobyte Goupillon, Shogun Sash
Birthplace: Shredder's Metal Shop
Weight: 600 programmed lbs.
Favortie Flower: Steel magnolias

Programmed for peak performance, programmed for pulverizing pizza-eating peons - he's Chrome Dome, Shredder's synthetic soldier of doom. Transistorized for terror in the Technodrome, this vindictive villain has one command permanently burned into his memory chips - destroy all Turtles! Shredder packed Chrome Dome with deadly diodes of destruction, making this robotic ruffian the ultimate shogun warrior! With his own brand of digital dexterity, Chrome Dome weilds weapons from his atomic arsenal. And when this metallic menace swings his servo sai and gigobyte goupillon, the Turtles must duck or die! Shredder's made this metallic marvel to be just like him - a master of martial mayhem, battle techniques and everlasting evil. He's one programmed punk who will never rest until he rusts.

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Название: zak.jpg
Просмотров: 10
Размер:	37,4 Кб
ID:	32107

The Time-travellin' Teen From Dimension X!


Accessories: Hyper Hoverboard, Time-travellin' Laser with Power Pack
Favorite Hangout: Dimension X Drive-in
Favorite Junk Food: Zwinkles (available only in Dimension X)
Age: 6 Trillion Years-old in Dimension X (that's 14 for you and me!)

He's cool, he's comic, he's Zak, the Neutrino! This totally tubular tennager from Dimension X is bustin' loose and bustin' baddies. He's a dimension hoppin', time-travellin' teen who tours with the Turtles, searchin' the skies and sewers for fiendish Foot fools. Zak's friends, Kala and Dask, help him hang ten in Dimension X as they foil Krang, the Foot-friendly, nasty noggin nemesis. No one can perturb and pester Krang better than Zak. Sporting his hyper hoverboard, Zak likes to dip 'n dive and buzz 'n blast past Krang's cranium cart. And when the goin' gets rough, Zak takes off for another dimension using his time-travellin' laser. No one can stop Zak - he's one time-travellin' teen who takes his time - literally.

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Название: groundchuck.jpg
Просмотров: 19
Размер:	48,5 Кб
ID:	32108

The Mean Munitions Mutant!


Accessories: Electro Prod, Tranquilizing Dart Wrist Gun, Turtle-tethering Crossbow
Birthplace: Bar B Q Ranch
Weight: 500 lbs. (uncooked)
Favorite Household Appliance: Branding Iron

Always dead-on target, Groundchuck aims to please Shredder. This mutated weapons expert is the Foot Clan's hooved hoodlum of choice. Chunky and beefy, Groundchuck is Grade A when it comes to grinding up the Turtles. Pushing the Teens to their limit with his electro-prod and Turtle-tethering crossbow, Groundchuck's a cut above the rest. It's lights out for our half-shelled heroes when Groundchuck takes aim with his tranquilizing dart wrist gun. This horned hood has declared open season - and the Turtles are fair game!

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Название: kinglion.jpg
Просмотров: 17
Размер:	34,3 Кб
ID:	32109

The Majestic Mutant with a Mane!

Accessories: Slap 'em Silly Sceptre, Sovereign Safety Shield, Extra-cool Excalibur, Royal Robe
Height: The length of a ruler
Weight: I don't know, you weigh him.

Good knight, Foot Clan, wherever you are. King Lionheart is on the prowl and taking no prisoners. This royal robed roughcat is the result of Shredder's dirty work. Formerly a Sakespearean actor, Shredder tried turning this cat into "king of the mutants." But the Turtle dudes busted loose this beast before Shredder could give him the ol' whammy. Forever grateful, this King Arthur of the city sewers has joined the Turtles' crusade to wipe out the Foot Clan. He's the master of the slap 'em silly sceptre - and no defense can stop the penetrating power of his extra-cool Excalibur. So join allegiance with King Lionheart - ruler of righteousness and pizza-lovin' lion.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: talkdon.jpg
Просмотров: 13
Размер:	36,0 Кб
ID:	32110

"Chill out!", "Let's Party!" and "Kowabunga!"

Favorite thing to do: Talk while inventing

Ever since Don invented the amphibious audio amplifier backpack, he's been barraged by boisterous bull sessions from his big-mouthed buddies. But that's okay, cuz Don likes loud lingo from his fellow Foot fighters. And he can yak back with the best of 'em. That's right! He can out-mumble Mike, rap better than Raph, be louder than Leo and silence Shredhead. Why? Because he invented the awesome amp backpack, that's why. So lean over and listen. Don's got the Mutant mouth to master tough Turtle talk!

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: talkleo.jpg
Просмотров: 10
Размер:	36,2 Кб
ID:	32112

"Kick Some Shell!", "Hi-yeah!" and "Kowabunga!"

Favorite thing to do: Talk while kicking

You can't help but hear Leo's loud lectures! He's one tumultuous talkin' Teen-tonsiled Turtle - and no one - get it - no one, can bellow boisterous babble with such gutsy green gusto. Why? Cuz he's in charge, and that makes it okay to be the loudmouthed leader. Don, Raph and Mike don't mind listenin' to Leo's totally awesome addresses: they know his turbulent Turtle talk has a deep mutant message. Leo's not afraid to be the vociferous voice of the Turtle Teen team, especially in battle. He's ready to roar that Turtle tongues are worth listenin' to; that bein' green means pizza for all, and that's a message all the Turtles can sink their teeth into!

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: talkmike.jpg
Просмотров: 8
Размер:	35,4 Кб
ID:	32113

"Pizza Time!", "Ha! Ha! Ha!" and "Kowabunga!"

Favorite thing to do: Talk

Hey dudes and junior dudes! Mike's Turtle tongue is yappin' 'n flappin' a few funky phrases - and not just for fun! He's on a Mutant mouth-off mission to mix it up, party-hearty and talk 'til the Foot drops. He's slingin' sewer slogans left, right and center. But he's not the only Mutant to mutter a motto: Leo, Don and Raph have joined Mike to become the first Green Teen Talkin' Team. So sit back and listen up as Mike has a Turtle sewer-speak session with his three babbling buddies. You just might learn something.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: talkraph.jpg
Просмотров: 8
Размер:	37,2 Кб
ID:	32114

"Totally awesome!", "Rock 'n Roll!" and "Kowabunga!"

Favorite thing to do: Talk while eatin' pizza

Wash out your ears and listen to Raphael, the Talkin' Turtle Teen. He's the audible amphibian, full of far-out phrases and silly sewer sayings! Raph's clever quips have been quoted in such prestigious periodicals as "Mutant Monthly" and "Turtle Times." But Leo, Don and Mike keep it from goin' to Raph's head - they don't let him get a word in edgewise. With all the Green Teen gibberish goin' on, you can be sure the sewers are swellin' and the Foot is falling to the sweet sounds of Turtle Talk.

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Название: warock.jpg
Просмотров: 19
Размер:	40,3 Кб
ID:	32115

The wind-up rhino with rapid recoilin' arm action!


Accessories: Terrifying Tusk Gun, Pulverizing Pistol, Boxing Skull Glove and Survival Belt!
Action Feature: Rapid Recoilin' Arm Action!

Machine Gunnin' Rocksteady's got a grip on his gun and an itchy trigger finger to boot. He's one riled rhino who wants nothing more than to turn the Teens into torn Turtle targets. He's armed and dangerous, with orders from Slice 'n Dice Shredder to shoot first and ask stupid questions later. There's no hope for a Turtle that gets caught in Rocksteady's cross-eyed cross-hairs. With his terrifying tusk gun loaded, Rocksteady's ready to blast belly bustin' bullets at anything that's green and good. So wind him up and set him down, but for goodness sake, dude, keep your head low! And remember, if the barrage of bullets doesn't hit the mark, Rocksteady's always got his survival belt as back-up.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: wackybebop.jpg
Просмотров: 27
Размер:	52,6 Кб
ID:	32116

The wind-up wart hog with headspinnin' action!


Accessories: Psycho Sickle, Spiked Skull Ball and Survival Belt!
Action Feature: Headspinnin' Action!

When Bebop gets all wound up, he likes to unwind by tauntin' and teasin' the Turtle Teens. Nothing can get the dander up faster on a half-shelled hero than a spinning hog head. But when the Turtles retaliate, Bebop's got weird whippin' weapons to force fear into their friendly faces: a spiked skull ball to stun 'em, a psycho sickle to cut 'em down to size, and a survival belt to - well, you get the picture! Nothing in this world is meaner than a wart hog with whiplash. So be careful, he may even turn on you. But that's the chance you take when you're out to taunt 'n tease the Turtles. Go ahead - wind Bebop up and turn him loose to terrorize Turtles and all those they call "friends" - but remember, you have been warned!

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: tubboat.jpg
Просмотров: 7
Размер:	46,0 Кб
ID:	32117

Aye, aye maties. It's the newest Turtle tub toy - the Jolly Turtle Tubboat - and believe me, it's the closet we Turtles ever get to a bath! This wacky action wind-up scrub-tub cleans up the Foot Clan as it scours the seas for booty. Wind up the scrubbrush and the garbage wheel in back paddles away, powering the tub over land and sea with a moving pirate cannon for protection. And when the green swashbucklers seize Foot Clan ships, we'll make 'em walk the plank on the mutant diving board. Features toilet seat life preserver for Turtles overboard, Turtle texture sail, mutant crow's nest and surveillance pelican. Figures sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: kookie.jpg
Просмотров: 11
Размер:	40,3 Кб
ID:	32118

Rock 'em, sock 'em, smash 'em up! It's whiplash time for the Foot when they encounter the Turtles in their bash 'n smash bumper car. This wacky wind-up vehicle has classic bumper car styling and crazy vibrating engine. Just pull back and let go as the Carnival Car swerves back and forth with wacky action motion. The Turtles can check out the action with their periscope blower and withstand major impacts with their sewer safety tire bumper. It's definitely an "E" ticket ride! Figures sold separately

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: pogo.jpg
Просмотров: 12
Размер:	34,9 Кб
ID:	32119

It's rhinobreath's rooftop hopping Foot fighting machine! The ultimate for jumping from roof to roof or for skimming through the sewers. Hinged pipework canopy opens and closes to hold Foot pilots or imprison Turtle teens. Comes with 3 manhole cover landing pods, detachable side rock-blasting missles and Turtle texture rotor. Holds one figure. Figures sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: speedboat.jpg
Просмотров: 8
Размер:	27,8 Кб
ID:	32120

Now Raph can search the city sewers for Foot scum in his new Sewer Speedboat! This wacky water vehicle features Turtle head hull, detachable bubble bath bombs and sewer slime blasters. And for high speed races and chases, drop the front ski down and swing down the rear spoiler to convert the speedboat into a hyper hydrofoil. Figures sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: buggy.jpg
Просмотров: 9
Размер:	42,6 Кб
ID:	32121

Surf's up, dudes, and the beach is no place for Foot garbage. So, the Turtles use this dune buggy to clean up the Foot's act. This sand demon push vehicle kicks sand in Foot faces with its reciprocating surfboard bumper and gives 'em the fizz with soda can machine guns. The beach party doesn't stop there, with spiked beach ball bombs for slamming over ninja nets, ice chest for valuable pizza reserves and real 60's flashback flower decals. On back there's even a Turtlized runningboard for holding extra reptile beach bums and a surfboard for Mike's surfing solos. Kowabunga! Figures sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: shredmob.jpg
Просмотров: 10
Размер:	34,1 Кб
ID:	32122

It's the attack of the gigantic Shredhead! This rip-roarin' warped roadster has the Turtles on the run. Featuring Shredder's own personal sports/attack car with his signature chrome dome helmet as the cab. And there's plenty of street action with the push activated reciprocating guns and bump'n bounce radiator with Turtle head radiator cap. When Shredder comes in for the slice 'n dice attack, it'll be Turtle fricassee with the hooked hubs, Shredding missles and rotating helmet head blaster. Figures sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: 00018154.jpg
Просмотров: 6
Размер:	14,1 Кб
ID:	32130

You will have to run over the Foot quickly with this super-charged dragster, because the Turtles love to eat the pizza fuel. Pull the road rat ripcord and speed through the sewers powered by the spinning anchovy and ice cream pizza pie flywheel. Enjoy firing the two detachable sewer sauce guns at anything that moves. Pop a wheelie while you're popping off the Foot Clan. Includes super-size rear slicks, spoked front tires, tough Turtle spoiler and sewer snake bumper. Figures sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: trike.jpg
Просмотров: 6
Размер:	39,3 Кб
ID:	32123

Green teens in overdrive! This turbo trike more than holds its own in high-speed chases and races with the Foot Clan. This happening hovercycle is equipped with two detachable buzz bombs, Foot Soldier skull headlight and the Turtles' mutant buzzard mascot. When the Turtles turf their treads and cut the cheese no one can be found for miles around. Figures sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: sub.jpg
Просмотров: 18
Размер:	44,1 Кб
ID:	32124

Run silent, run deep... and blow the Foot clear out of the water! It's the Sewer Sub, the wind-up powered, water tight submersible submarine that holds one Turtle. Dive and maneuver in all directions with the poseable rudders. Sink Foot ships with the Turtle torpedoes and hull piercing machine gun. Deflect Shredder's deadly depth charges with Turtle shell plating and see across the sewer floor with the transparent Turtle head helm. This water-tight terrapin even has a sewer spotlight and probing periscope. Member of the Mutant Military. Figures sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: tank.jpg
Просмотров: 14
Размер:	41,5 Кб
ID:	32125

Put a Turtle in your tank with the newest member of the Mutant Military. Carry out air and ground attacks along side the Turtlecopter with this battery operated Turtle assault vehicle. Break through buildings with the shell tough Turtle plated armor and Turtle treads. Flatten Foot Soldiers with the spiked drumroller in front. Then blow 'em away with the automatic scanning tank turrent with shellcracker cannon. The full compliment of firepower includes dual snub mutant machine guns for rat-a-tat-tat attacks, mutant drive sound, roamin' radar dish and penant pole. There's even an idle setting that allows for quick and accurate cannon blasts. Figures sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: cheapskate.jpg
Просмотров: 11
Размер:	31,7 Кб
ID:	32126

Kick off with high powered turbo Turtle pizza propeller and pizza-packin' piston engine. Blow it out the back with the double blower exhaust pipes. Get 'em where it counts with the spring-loaded kowabunga-kickin' Turtle foot. And, as always, good clean fun comes from the TP sewer sideswipers and Turtlehead batterin' ram. So kick start the cool 'n crazy, sewer soaked Cheapskate! Figure sold separately.

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: tokka_battle_fun.jpg
Просмотров: 9
Размер:	50,8 Кб
ID:	32127

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: mike_bugchuku.jpg
Просмотров: 6
Размер:	32,9 Кб
ID:	32128

You Know Mike's been whippin' the Foot Clan when you take a peak at his bug-encrusted Bugchuku! Every fruit fly, nasty gnat and bad bug is stuck to the green grisly grip, giving you the feel of a real mutant Bugchuku! And what's more -- when you go into battle, you'll be fully protected by the Manhole Cover Shield -- a slick city cover that'll keep you clean. Now that you're a most honorable member of the Sewer Force -- don't blow it! Fight the Foot with Mike's newest Sewer Force weapon! And don't forget your battle cry: "Bugchuku bonzai!"

Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
Название: mikepizzachopperbackpack.jpg
Просмотров: 8
Размер:	43,1 Кб
ID:	32129

Спасибо за пост (2) от: Alex Teleman, Jack7773
15.09.2011, 01:02
хотелось бы еще узнать про больших черепашек по фильму, и про пиратских черепашек ) их было множество
Спасибо за пост (1) от: Alex Teleman
24.12.2012, 21:05
@Dark Man, потому что нету у тебя ностальгии по тем временам. ясен ленин в 2013г они не смотрятся так круто как много лет назад. но фишка вовсе не в этом.
Спасибо за пост (1) от: Максим Леонов
24.12.2012, 21:07
@RvLaD, ну я наверно не столь крут, как ты, но не в этом причина) Харями они не вышли, чувак.
25.12.2012, 19:42
@Dark Man, я все равно не понимаю на какие ты ''хари'' хочешь, учитывая что эти фигурки были сделаны до того как ты родился...
25.12.2012, 20:33

  Сообщение от RvLaD 

я все равно не понимаю на какие ты ''хари'' хочешь, учитывая что эти фигурки были сделаны до того как ты родился...

Никакие не хочу, ок? высказал своё мнение всего-навсего. Тут ведь это не запрещено.
25.12.2012, 20:37
Всегда представлял Рафа в качестве Рокера или Металлиста и даже не пытался представить его рэппером или ещё кем нибудь)
Спасибо за пост (1) от: Nikto
25.12.2012, 20:47
@raphaelxD, хаха, да, типаж у него как у любителя тяжелой музыки. тоже всегда такие ассоциации были.

а из серии мне больше всего нравится фигурка Токка.
25.12.2012, 21:00
Да Токка и Разар неплохо сделаны они мне тоже нравятся хотелось бы приобрести таких
06.12.2013, 10:40
Спасибо за пост (1) от: Alex
23.04.2014, 22:23
В наличии имеется рекламный ролик играчки "Turtle Tank", записанный с русского ТВ. Есть ли подобный ролик у нас на форуме и если нет, то нужен ли?
Спасибо за пост (1) от: TMNT_1987
24.04.2014, 19:09

Там даже два в одном: Turtle Tank + Sewer Sub.
Автор оцифровки: AleXounDirector. При любых перезаливках просьба указывать - нам не трудно, а человеку будет приятно.
Тип файла: rar TMNT-TurtleTank-SewerSub-commercial-(AleXounDirector).rar (34,44 Мб, 12 просмотров)
Спасибо за пост (1) от: TMNT_1987
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