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1990 - Playmates Toys
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Название: undercover.jpg
Просмотров: 22
Размер:	33,0 Кб
ID:	28773

Now he's a sewer snoopin' detective!


Accessories: Hi-energy Pizza Snack, Detective Disguise, Bulletproof Briefcase, Mutant Revolver
Favorite Movie: The Maltese Mutant
Favorite Saying: "Play it again, ma'am!"

He's the sliest super-sleuth in the city. He's Don, the Undercover Turtle and he likes his Retromutagen Ooze shaken, not stirred. Equipped with a slew of secret Turtle tools, Don fearlessly fights the Foot from the shadows of the night. Will he whip out his mutant revolver or duck behind his bulletproof briefcase and disappear into the night? No one knows, 'cause Don can slip away when he slips on his detective disguise and mingles with the meanies. He's a cool covert crimefighter who dances with danger.

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Название: samurai.jpg
Просмотров: 17
Размер:	33,6 Кб
ID:	28774

PORTRAIT OF LEO, the Sewer Samurai
The Samurai Battle Commander!


Accessories: Samurai Suit, Samurai Sword with Sheath, Wacky War Banner, Samurai Shield
Favorite Food: Sushi Pizza
Favorite Art: Martial
Favortie Movie: The Seven Samurai

Because of his nightmarish ninja maneuvers, Leonardo has advanced to earn his samurai status. Now Leo, the Sewer Samurai, can really take charge. With the traditional training of the past, Leo's now ready to pulverize the present. Watch the Foot fall to their knobby knees when they wage war against this top Turtle teen. Nothing can shell-shock this shogun! He's got it all: samurai sewer sword and shield, battle-ready samurai suit and wacky war banner.

In keeping with his Ninja Turtle tradition of righting wrongs, this champion of the chain mail uses his sword-swingin' samurai skills to skewer the Foot and scarf sushi pizza pies.

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Название: surfer.jpg
Просмотров: 20
Размер:	35,4 Кб
ID:	28775

The Wet 'n Wild Wave-ridin' Reptile!


Accessories: The Crab, Sewer-worthy Surfboard, Sewer Shark Buddies, Wave-whipping Water Flingin' Wheel, Party Belt
Favorite Snack: Plankton Pizza
Favorite Beach: Turtle Head
Favortie Movie: Bailin' in Bombay

There's a wild wave roarin' in - and Mike's ridin' it all the way! He's been workin' hard to blast the Foot and now he's ready to blast the beach - sewer surfer style. Armed to the teeth with Turtle treats, Mike's the ultimate party warrior. He's ditched the drips, joined up with his boogie boardin' buddies and strayed for spray. Watch him snap open cans with The Crab, keep his balance with the sewer shark twins - all on his sewer-worthy surfboard.

So slap on some shades and catch some rays cause this rowdy reptile's ridin' the waves. And remember - no Foot Clan drips are allowed.

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Название: spaceraph.jpg
Просмотров: 17
Размер:	34,1 Кб
ID:	28776

The Zero Gravity Good Guy!


Accessories: Satellite-slicin' Space Sword, Detachable Helmet, Lucky Laser Luger
Favorite Snack: Freeze-dried Pizza Sticks
Favortie Number: 2001
Favorite Saying: "The Turtle has landed!"

Boldly going where no Turtle has gone before, Raph's ready to take the Foot to the final frontier. Equipped with his specially designed sewer space suit, Raph's prepared for those pressureless moments - like when he has to blast ol' Krang in Dimension X. Raph's suit's saturated with all kinds of clever contraptions - from a two-way long-range radio to dual retro-reptile rockets. Armed with his satellite-slicin' space sword and lucky laser luger, Raph's ready to blast-off and knock the Foot Clan clean out of orbit.

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Название: ssdon.jpg
Просмотров: 19
Размер:	32,3 Кб
ID:	28777

The Roomy Reptile with a Cool Cache!


Accessories: Killer Pizza, Fish Knife, Sewer Slingshot, Shark Fin Hatchet, Bo, Two Ninja Stars
Capacity: Fourteen Turtle Tons
Favorite Saying: "Stick it in my back!"

Because Don's only got two hands, this roomy reptile relies on his storage shell to tote the tools of his trade. This storage shell superhero may not have anything up his sleeve, but check out his back! Don's got his bo snapped to his back for easy retrieval. And when the going gets Turtle tough, Don just opens his back and selects a weapon from his awesome arsenal: a sewer slingshot for the fast movin' Foot; a fish knife to scale the Foot down to size; a shark fin hatchet for hacking hoodlums; two ninja stars - one for each hand; and a killer pizza - the pizza that slices back!

Don's the first Turtle to perfect his storage shell. Not only can he hide his weapon aresenal in his back, but he can also sneak secret sewer stuff past the Foot Clan. Go ahead, try him out - but don't be surprised by his tricky Turtle insides!

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Название: fugitoid.jpg
Просмотров: 14
Размер:	33,8 Кб
ID:	28778

The Sleek Servo Servant!


Accessories: Electro-Stun Stick, Metal-melting Machine Gun, Grappling Claw, Skeletal Scanner
Birthplace: Peblak, on the Planet D'Hoonib
Weight: 200 lbs. (without rust)
Favortie Music: Heavy Metal
Favortie Drink: Oil
Nickname: Honeycutt

While tinkering with an unstable mental device, the infamous Dr. Honeycutt transferred his brain into his android servant - making him the world's first and most sought after servo-scientist. Now a hunted hybrid humanoid, Honeycutt's on the run. Officially classified as a Fugitoid, he bumped into the Turtles while trying to squeeze through a transdimensional portal and returned with them to earth.

Loyal to the end, Fugitoid assists the Turtles in developing new devices. He's particularly fond of Donatello's ingenuity. Fugitoid is skilled in many languages - from conversational cockroach to Mongolian mumble - but he's best used as a super-scout for the Turtles. Armed with his grappling claw and skeletal servo-scanner, Fugitoid can get himself into unusual places. He's an endless source of data, details and other dehumanized delights. Fugitoid. A good guy to run around with.

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Название: mondo.jpg
Просмотров: 13
Размер:	34,3 Кб
ID:	28779

The Rip Roarin', Skateboardin' Reptile!


Accessories: Turbo-charged Sewer Skateboard, Tail Skate and Label Sheet
Birthplace: Quarterpipe, Hawaii
Height: 4 ft. (over the lip)
Weight: 150 lbs. (with clear skin)
Favortie Phrase: Skate or die
Favortie Pastime: Tonguing flies

A loner. A lizard. A skatemaster. Mutated from a head-banging, thrash-metal, teenage guitarist, Mondo Gecko is the coolest lizard to surf the concrete jungle. Known to his cold-blooded boardin' brethren as "The Mon," Mondo Gecko likes to skate the sewers and grease the grind. This maximum maniac grooves on shining the curbside and puts fun and freedom ahead of everything else. He's always stoked and lookin' for a new adventure. So when the Turtles need some extra help, Mondo's ready to skate, rattle and roll.

Mondo Gecko and the Turtles make funky freestylin' friends. Teenager to the end, Mondo's got his brain jammed into Michaelangelo's frequency. They're both party dudes - and that makes for a totally awesome twosome. With braces on his tubular teeth and cream on his mutant zits, Mondo Gecko chomps and chews on butter beans and rips through the sewer pipes, ready to crash and thrash the Foot.

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Название: napoleon.jpg
Просмотров: 18
Размер:	36,6 Кб
ID:	28780

The Swamp Surfin' Sewer Toad!


Accessories: Foot-swatter, Serpent Slasher, Sewer Gas Shield, Mutant Fly Friend
Birthplace: Surf Swamp of Okeefenokee, Florida
Weight: 175 lbs. (after breakfast)
Longest Jump: The Grand Canyon
Favortie Movie: I Was A Teenage Frog

Napoleon Bonafrog, also known as Genghis Frog's surfin' siblin' from the south, hopped away with his two swamp frog brothers, Attila and Rasputin, to join Genghis in the big city. Together now, they join forces along with the Turtles to lick the evil Foot Clan.

Inventor of the "hop, skip and jump" attack formation, Napoleon Bonafrog employs his strategic swamp senses to outwit Shredder's mindless minions. Forever followed by Flyboy, his Mutant Fly Friend, Napoleon drafts his bug buddy into service as a swamp spy. And when Flyboy feeds Napoleon the facts, the fearless frog fights the Foot with his Foot-swatter and Serpent Slasher. Protected by his horny toad armor, Napoleon Bonafrog puts the Foot down for peace.

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Название: panda.jpg
Просмотров: 11
Размер:	34,2 Кб
ID:	28781

The Samurai Bashin' Bear!


Accessories: Dragon's Claws Sword, Battle Axe, Fusion Blaster, Gou Hook
Birthplace: A small out of the way dimension
Height: 8'
Weight: 350 lbs. (that includes all his fur)
Pet Peeve: People who say, "Who gave you the black eyes?"
Favortie Battle Hold: Bear hug

Descended from giant mutant Earth pandas, a thousand years in the future, Panda Khan is the Samurai ruler of a genetically improved tribe of battlin' bears. Leaving his alien world in search of great adventure, Khan boarded a Tong pirate ship and using the ancient art of Ting Zing Pao, time-traveled to Earth, 1990. Landing in the sewers, Panda Khan linked up with the Turtles for an unbearably good time.

Living by the code of the Khan, Panda Khan "Khantinues" to help the Turtles combat crime and cruelty wherever he finds it. Outfitted with his protective chain mail and samurai armor, Panda Khan's hard for the Foot Clan to bear.

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Название: ray.jpg
Просмотров: 13
Размер:	33,3 Кб
ID:	28782

The Fist-fighting Fish!


Accessories: Ray Gill Gun, Fish Stix, Scarfish
Birthplace: 1999.5 leagues below the sea
Water Displacement: 500 lbs.
Favorite Movie: The Deep
Favortie Saying: Suck saltwater, dude!

You smell something fishy? That's because you just picked up Ray Fillet, the coolest sea creature to ever leap from the deep. Spawned from a marine biologist and a manta ray, Ray Fillet emerged from a toxic sewer pipe only to discover himself super-strong and super-slimy.

He's a Foot-fightin' fish who helps the Turtles when they're in deep trouble - underwater, that is. Ray rescues best when he's submerged, 'cause his color changing transforms him from water wimp to a fist-fighting fish. Aquatically assisted by Fish Stix, Ray Fillet filters out crime from the coral reef. Using his mean-faced Scarfish weapon and Ray Gill Gun, the Foot don't stand a chance when they're up to their knees in water.

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Название: mutagenman.jpg
Просмотров: 21
Размер:	37,3 Кб
ID:	28783

The Non-stop Mutating Monster!


Accessories: Mutagen Machine Gun, Gooey Garbage, Life Support System, Skull Plug
Birthplace: Krang's lab
Weight: 500 lbs. (not including guts)
Favortie Food: See-food

Victim of Krang's insidious experiments, Seymour Gutz woke up from a lab table only to find himself hideously transformed into Mutagen Man - a pathetic, dripping, ever-changing mutating monster. Confined to a mechanical life support system that holds his mutating body together, Mutagen Man is now dependent on Ooze to replenish his deteriorating form. Forced to do Shredder's bidding in exchange for Retromutagen Ooze, Mutagen Man reluctantly performs dastardly deeds to get the substance his body so desperately craves.

Armed with his Mutagen Machine Gun, Mutagen Man relentlessly tracks down the Turtles and their allies. Head for the sewers and hide your Ooze! Mutagen Man's on his way - and you just know he has the guts to get you!

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Название: pizzaface.jpg
Просмотров: 17
Размер:	31,5 Кб
ID:	28784

The Psychotic Pizza Chef!


Accessories: Pizza Peg Leg, Clever Cleaver, Pizza Box Shield, Two Propelling Pizzas
Birthplace: Pisa, Italy
Blood Type: Extra Spicy
Weight: Deep Pan Extra Large
Favorite Topping: Mutant Turtles
Favortie Fish: Anchovy

Pizzaface - Shredder's crazed culinary creator - had a plan to become the most powerful pizza chef ever. So he zapped himself in his Retromutagen oven, hoping the energy would bake him with badness. But the hungry Turtle Teens burst into the parlor and pulled Pizzaface out. Now this half-baked bozo wants to get even with the Turtles for foiling his formula. All the Turtles wanted was a large pepperoni to go - but instead they got part pizza and part Pizzaface!

Possessing the power of the pizza pie, Pizzaface is the ultimate Turtle nightmare: traveling from parlor to parlor, he terrorizes the Turtles, trying to turn them into tasty teen topping. Armed with flying pizzas and a Pizza Box Shield, this peg-legged pizza piper follows the Foot, even though he's only got one good leg. And what's worse? He delivers.

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Название: scumbug.jpg
Просмотров: 18
Размер:	34,6 Кб
ID:	28785

The Turtlebustin' Exterminator!


Accessories: Bug Pack with Hose Assembly, Turtle Exterminating Gun
Birthplace: Under Shredder's Foot
Height: 5' 5" (with fully extended antennae)
Weight: 200 poisonous pounds of 91 killer kilos
Favortie Food: Roached Eggs

Sent to eliminate the bug problem in the Technodrome, a mild-mannered exterminator got accidentally oozed and mutated into the scampering, sickening Scumbug. Unable to face other customers, Scumbag saddled up with Shredder as his ace assassin.

Armed with his poisonous pinchers and a tank full of Anti-Turtle Spray, this rude roach chews his way through almost anything. His power claw and bullet-proof shell make him a tough Turtlebustin' bug. And when the going gets rough, this roach gets other bugs to rally 'round him. Using his super-sensitive antennae as a telepathic link to insidious insects, Scumbug's the Pied Piper of the creepy and the crawly. You'll know when you're near his army - just listen for the crunch.

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Название: slash.jpg
Просмотров: 14
Размер:	33,5 Кб
ID:	28786

The Evil Turtle From Dimension X!


Accessories: Nasty Nunchuku, Psyco Sai, Mutant Mace, Twisted Turtle Belt, Razor-spiked Gnarly Knife
Birthplace: Universe Number 9, Dimension X
Height: 6 ft. (from spike to spur)
Weight: 200 lbs. (with a heavy attitude problem)
Favortie Food: Anything but pizza

In an attempt to fight fire with fire, Shredder created the perfect Turtle terror - a ninja nemesis from Dimension X named - Slash. This snarling, snapping mutant menace is the total opposite of our beloved Turtle teens. He's a crazed carnivorous cannibal who only eats tender Turtle tenderloin - even for breakfast!

This anti-Turtle teen slashes his way through the sewers on a maniacal mission of mass destruction. Armed with his Pyscho Sai and one good eye, Slash skewers anything that's good and green. This mad monster hates everything the Turtles love: pizza, parties and pranks. Allied with Shredder, Slash won't rest until he's devoured our green Teens. His spiked knee and elbow pads and horned shell keep slash a cut above the rest.

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Название: muckman.jpg
Просмотров: 14
Размер:	39,0 Кб
ID:	28787
. MUCKMAN & Joe Eyeball

The Garbage-gathering Ghoul and His Parasitic Pal!


Accessories: Removable Skullcap, Muck Gun and Muck Pack
Birthplace: Sewer City, U.S.A.
Height: Smells too bad to measure
Weight: See above
Favortie Movie: Wizard of Ooze
Favortie Musician: Oozie Osbourne
Favorite Treat: Sludge Fudge

Mutated with muck and transformed with trash, this fuming, former sewer worker oozes mysteriously through the city's sewer system, searching for morsels of muck, sludge and slime.

The grungy garbage man tolerates the sewer-dwelling Turtles because they respect the dignity of the dark and the sanctity of the sewer. And the Turtles think Muckman's cool because he looks like a pepperoni pizza.

Though Muckman stinks like a landfill, it doesn't bother him. Don't be fooled by the clothespin on his nose - that's not to keep the smell out, that's to keep the garbage in! But what does Muckman have besides a nose clogged with gunk? He's got Joe Eyeball! The amazing three-eyeballed no-nosed parasitic pal who decon poses his way through sewer pipes and can see through the thickest sewer stench.

And be sure to keep his extra helping of Retromutagen Ooze (not included) handy, 'cause Muckman likes to keep his flesh fresh.

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Название: wingnut.jpg
Просмотров: 15
Размер:	32,1 Кб
ID:	28788
. WINGNUT & Screwloose

Dingbat Buddies who Bite the Baddies!


Accessories: Bat Gun, Plasma-propelled Bat Wings, Blood-burstin' Bat Bomb and Utility Bat Belt
Birthplace: Belfry, Transylvania
Height: 5' 5" (hanging by his talons)
Weight: 160 lbs. (with Screwloose on his back)
Favortie Sound: Blood curdling

Wingnut, the clutzy, caped vampire bat, quietly hung out on his home planet Huanu. That is, until Krang destroyed it. Saved and sucked into a vortex before his planet exploded, Wingnut ended up on Earth, along with Screwloose, a levelheaded Huanu mosquito.

Furious and frantic that Krang blew up his planet, the crazed Wingnut's out to get even with Krang - or anyone else associated with the burbling brain. That makes him a perfect ally with the Turtle teens.

Despite Wingnut's bloodshot eyes, defective radar, stunted wings and oversensitive ears, he's determined to be a sewer-superhero. Even with constant training from our green teens, Wingnut's more likely to bump into a building than bust a baddie. Armed with mechanical turbo wings invented by Donatello, Wingnut flutters and putters to put the bite on the Foot Clan.

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Название: triceraton.jpg
Просмотров: 14
Размер:	33,8 Кб
ID:	28789

The Hard-headed Horned Hoodlum!

Accessories: Neutron Neutralizer, Laser Phaser, Unearthly Utility Belt
Birthplace: Homeworlds of Dimension X
Height: 2' 6" (in Dimension X) 8' 9" (here on Earth)
Weight: 450 lbs. (with pants on)
Favortie Snack: Candy-coated Rat Heads
Favortie Expression: Grrrrr!

Triceraton is a simple beast, who wants nothing more than to eat rats and destroy Turtles. Ever since our three-fingered green guys visited his homeworld in Dimension X, Triceraton hasn't gotten his beauty sleep - and boy-oh-boy does it show. This ugly cold-blooded creature uses the full capacity of his walnut-sized brain to seek out and destroy all Turtles! And Triceraton would rather shoot first, since he can't ask intelligent questions later. His Laser Phaser and Neutron Neutralizer come in handy while chasing the Turtles from the sewers to the streets.

Often employed by the Foot Clan as Advance Attack Alien, Triceraton comes equipped with Platinum-plated Chest Armor, three - count 'em - three razor sharp horns and a spiny, slashing tail. And check out those rascally rodents on his detachable utility belt - just in case Triceraton needs a quick-energy rat snack.

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Название: waleo.jpg
Просмотров: 15
Размер:	39,6 Кб
ID:	28790

Wind-up radical reptile with slash 'n thrash action


Accessories: Wacky Whip, Silly Sword, Menacing Mace
Action Feature: Slash 'n thrash rotating right arm

Foot Soliders. Nobody likes 'em. And now you don't have to put up with them. Just wind up ol' Sword Slicin' Leo and he'll cut the Foot Soldiers into toe jam - spreading their diabolical diodes from here to Kalamazoo. Only a top Turtle with the fierce power of a rotating right arm could deliver such devasting blows to these bionic bad boys. That's right. Only Sword Slicin' Leo could fricassee the Foot with such finesse. So wind him up and while away the time while Leo whittles away the Foot Clan.

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Название: wasplinter.jpg
Просмотров: 15
Размер:	36,9 Кб
ID:	28791

Wind-up rat with sewer slitherin' action!


Accessories: Tail Totin' Accessories, Ninja Knife, Rat Lantern

Action Feature: Crawlin' and Slitherin' Action!

Slitherin' through the sewers, Splinter slides in sewer sludge as he sniffs his way around underground. Using his tail radar to find the Foot, Splinter sneakily squiggles and wiggles his way past Foot guards and sewer cats. Waist high in ooze, Splinter blinds the Foot with his rat lantern and tail search light, turning the dark pungent pipes into bright tungsten tunnels. This rascally rodent meanders through mazes of muck, searching for secret passageways into Shredder's lair. So set Splinter down and send him on his next mutant mission.

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Название: washredder.jpg
Просмотров: 22
Размер:	34,9 Кб
ID:	28792

The wind-up madman with spinnin' slice 'n dice blades!


Accessories: Serrated Sword, Sicko Sickle, Slice 'n Dice Armor & Detachable Blades

Action Feature: Spinning Blade Action!

The Foot Clan's most clever cut-up, Shredder's ready to turn Turtle Teens into Turtle puree - all with a spin from his slice 'n dice armor. Combining his deadly and devious detachable blades with his sicko sickle and serrated sword, Shredder can make mincemeat of our half-shelled heroes. So let loose this relentless leader and watch as he spins his shredding shoulder armor and tears Turtles with his rotating right elbow. And don't worry about dull blades - there's always the second set! Shredder is truly the first and foremost Turtle-o-matic!

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Название: cannon.jpg
Просмотров: 9
Размер:	30,5 Кб
ID:	28793

Clean up the Foot with a powerful blast of sewer seltzer water. When the Foot is up to their usual dirty work, use the handy cannon to scrub them right off the streets and into the gutters where they belong. Just fill the soft vinyl ball with water and give it a squeeze for real sewer seltzer water fun. This mobile water weapon can roll into action at a moment's notice with its freewheeling Turtle tires. Includes clear-plastic seltzer bottles, Turtlized armor and big dripper spotlight. Figures sold separately.

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Название: psycho.jpg
Просмотров: 5
Размер:	33,4 Кб
ID:	28808

This super sewer chopper is used by the Foot for high-speed chases and races. It is a power hungry weapon of doom with its two detachable land shark missiles and Turtle skull headlight. Once the road Turtle ripcord has been pulled nothing can stop the Psycho Cycle and its vermin infested pizza pie flywheel. Holds only one figure but can run over many more. Includes Buz, the detachable mutant buzzard, "sleazy rider" sissy bar and three hover pods. Figures sold separately.

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Название: dragster.jpg
Просмотров: 6
Размер:	26,4 Кб
ID:	28794

You will have to run over the Foot quickly with this super-charged dragster, because the Turtles love to eat the pizza fuel. Pull the road rat ripcord and speed through the sewers powered by the spinning anchovy and ice cream pizza pie flywheel. Enjoy firing the two detachable sewer sauce guns at anything that moves. Pop a wheelie while you're popping off the Foot Clan. Includes super-size rear slicks, spoked front tires, tough Turtle spoiler and sewer snake bumper. Figures sold separately.

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Название: needle.jpg
Просмотров: 7
Размер:	38,8 Кб
ID:	28795

What do you get when you cross a mosquito with a jet fighter? You get Needlenose, the Turtles' largest and most bizarre ally. This blood-sucking military mutant with a killer crew cut is always prepared for battle with his two bee-seeking missiles and handheld mega machine gun. He's got six articulated arms and legs along with two movable insect wings. One Turtle can ride on the Tongue Seat while more hang off to the sides, as Needlenose flies in the face of the Foot. There's also the rotating tail gun, gatling gun and plasma powered rocket engine. Figures sold separately.

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Название: bee.jpg
Просмотров: 7
Размер:	40,2 Кб
ID:	28796

Buzz the Turtles with this hybrid killing machine - the diabolic result of a dastardly experiment in cross-pollination between a wicked drone and a psychotic criminal. This Killer Bee has only one thing on his tiny bee brain - destroy the Turtles! And he's got the arms and legs to do it - six, in fact. Along with a sawed-off shotgun and chainsaw, the Killer Bee also carries a ball and chain and a pair of handcuffs. There's even room for the Foot to ride the electric chair seat. Figures sold separately.

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Название: copter.jpg
Просмотров: 4
Размер:	34,2 Кб
ID:	28797

It's the turbulent Turtle attack-craft that's designed for inner-city battles with downtown terrorists. This baby comes completely decked out with trigger activated boxing glove skids to punch out the Foot, sewer snake rotors and two detachable garbage can bombs that blow open for Ooze bursts (Ooze not included). The dual retro-turbos provide the power - and the tortoiseshell casing provides the protection. To trip up the Foot, there's the Turtlehand side-gunner with sewer-strafing machine gun and three more mutant weapons on the sides and front. This flying Turtle tanks is big enough to hold up to five figures. Includes pilot chair, console and surfboard wings. This chopper even freewheels on the ground. Bonus city map included. Figures sold separately.

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Название: module.jpg
Просмотров: 11
Размер:	33,3 Кб
ID:	28798

As seen in the popular Turtle TV show, the Mutant Module is perfect for quick getaways and sneak attacks. This gigantic subterranean Footmobile comes with all the extras - a push-activated rotating drill, trigger-activated sparking engine, two detachable rock-blasting missiles, gull wing top hatch for easy Foot access and clear-plastic cockpit windows. This burrowing bad guy bus can hold up to five figures. Bonus sewer adventure map included. Figures sold separately.

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Название: party.jpg
Просмотров: 7
Размер:	29,2 Кб
ID:	28799

Having a blast is easy in this ultra cool tube. Just blast the Foot with the bicycle pump blaster, then pick up the waterlogged part-poopers with the detachable Footnet.

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Название: army.jpg
Просмотров: 4
Размер:	26,9 Кб
ID:	28800

Cut through the sewage at high speed with the pizza-cuttin' oars. Then burst the Shredder's bubble with the floating drum depth charge. And if that's not enough, get him with both barrels of the muffer machine gun!

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Название: oozey.gif
Просмотров: 4
Размер:	55,3 Кб
ID:	28801

The Foot Clan's pretend pizzeria with Ooze-Shooting Cannon! First use this tricky Turtle trap to lure in the trusting teens. They won't suspect a thing as they walk right up to order a pizza. Then squeeze the trash can clamps to drop the Ooze-filled trash can projectile into the Foot cannon, pull back on the spring powered plunger, swing the cannon through the trap door, and stand back for a fast and furious Foot attack. At last, the Foot wins and the Turtles ooze. Comes complete with a mini-canister of special Foot Ooze. Figures sold separately.

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Название: giant.jpg
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Размер:	33,5 Кб
ID:	28802

Now you're playing with the big mutants. You can look a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle straight in the eyes because these giant Turtles tower over 13 inches tall. Each one comes with his own unique ninja weapon. Features Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michaelangelo. Each sold separately.

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Название: mikebelt.jpg
Просмотров: 17
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ID:	28803

With Michaelangelo's Sewer Exploration Belt you can delve deep within the city sewers. This multi-purpose utility belt has everything a Turtle explorer needs. Features a secret sewer map and official detachable Sewer Force buckle with sewer storage compartment. There's also a nifty, working fold-out compass just in case you lose your way. And if you find some minature mutants, you can pick them up with the mutant insect tongs and place them in the clear-plastic mutant collection canister, especially designed for mutant preservation. If you run into a Foot Patrol, you can use the working Foot trap, or rotate the two turbo jets and head for high ground. Also includes a muta-gauge, turbo-jet control panel and two mini-mutants (ooze not included).

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Название: goggles.jpg
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ID:	28804

Now you can help the Turtles by becoming a secret sewer spy with these official Sewer Force goggles. Especially designed by Donatello, these adjustable goggles are the perfect spy tool! You get three lens settings: red lens for night, crosshair lens for target practice and X-Ray lens for extra thick walls. There's also a real working mutant periscope and telescopic Turtle attachments that are a snap to put on. And when you want to hear what's going on, use the two detachable mutant surveillance bugs. If you stay under cover too long, you'll find the easy to attach Turtle gas mask a useful feature. And when your cover's been blown, blow on the mouthpiece to produce the secret Turtle-call sound. If that's not enough, there's also a Turtle communicator with rotating antenna, radar and sewer map.

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Название: leosword.jpg
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Размер:	22,7 Кб
ID:	28805

Become a part of the Sewer Force with this authentic mutant battle sword. Cut the Foot down to size with the sword that bears the official Sewer Force logo. This sewer snake sword features a Turtle head handle, Turtle-textured hand guard and official battle labels. Don't go into battle without it.

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Название: sludgemobile.jpg
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Название: toilet_taxi_side.jpg
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ID:	28807

Спасибо за пост (2) от: Alex Teleman, Jack7773
24.07.2011, 10:06
Добавьте ещё описание игрушки Shogun Shoate отсюда: http://www.turtlepower.ru/showthread...930#post105930
хоть там всего одно предложение, в этой теме игрушка не упоминалась.
20.12.2011, 21:09
Эй,а у меня была игрушка трицератона.Вот что я точно помню.Правда куплена она была где-то на барахолке,так что у нее с самого начала отсутствовал хвост
Да и вообще она удивительно быстро развалилась
24.12.2012, 21:05
Вааааа, сколько всяких, аж глаза разбегаются! Офигеть можно)) Откуда у америкосов столько денег ,чтоб себе столько позволить??))
25.12.2012, 19:40

  Сообщение от Илюха Л. 

Очень хорошие фигурки Жаль у нас их нет

а в школе не учили откуда у них столько денег?

то что у нас их нет, это не значит что их нельзя приобрести.
25.12.2012, 19:43
Может что бы приобрести их не у всех материальное положение позволяет =\
25.12.2012, 19:46

  Сообщение от raphaelxD 

Может что бы приобрести их не у всех материальное положение позволяет =\

ну тогда нет разницы есть они у нас или нет. смысл расстраиваться по этому поводу?
17.06.2013, 12:44
Был вчера немного в шоке, фигурка у меня уже почти 3 года и только узнал что она может делать вот так.... =)))
06.12.2013, 10:37
Мда...А у меня дома этот Фуджитоид лежит у лет 10...Продавать не буду - память про детство все-таки.И про черепашек.
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