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Серия 09 "Aliens Among Us" [87] [c03s04e09, c03e087]
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Название: c03s04e09.jpg
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Размер:	330,8 Кб
ID:	21613"Aliens Among Us" / "Пришельцы среди нас"

Автор сценария: Christopher Yost
Премьера: November 12, 2005
Главный продюсер: Lloyd Goldfine
Продюсеры: Gary Richardson, Frederick U. Fierst, Al Kahn, Norman Grossfeld, Thomas Kenney
Режиссер: Roy Burdine
Сценарист: Lloyd Goldfine

Основные персонажи: Donatello (Sam Regal), Leonardo (Michael Sinterniklaas), Michelangelo (Wayne Grayson), Raphael (John Campbell)
Персонажи второго плана: Bishop, Baxter Stockman , President of the USA, S-Gray Aliens
Местоположения и техника: Rooftops of New York City, Bishop's Command Post, Flying Saucer

Полная версия сюжета на английском языке (под спойлером):
Intro: Agent Bishop narrates as we open in Roswell, 1947. A flying saucer appears in the sky and is fired upon by the U.S. Army. The ship comes to a crash landing in the desert and troops storm up to it, removing a gray alien from inside. Panning up, the alien sees Agent Bishop (looking exactly the same as he does in the present day) watching on with grim satisfaction.

Act 1: Open with Stockman’s lab inside Bishop's Command Post. Agent Bishop enters and walks through the huge warehouse that's filled with containers holding countless numbers of different alien species. Bishop addresses Stockman and explains that his latest scheme will ensure that their work will gain unlimited funding. The purpose of Bishop’s force is to protect the planet from invasion, but since there currently isn’t an invasion, they will create one! Bishop observes a nearby stasis chamber, holding Stockman's latest bioengineering creation - a ferocious life form that resembles a gray alien.

Back in New york City, the Turtles dodge government security agents stationed around the rooftops in hopes of catching a glimpse of the President's speech. The Commander in Chief is in New York to discuss the future of space exploration. The President and his entourage arrive in limousines, but before the Commander in Chief can reach the podium, a huge flying saucer appears above the scene!

Act 2: Dozens of smaller space craft come out of cloaking to reveal themselves - it appears there's another full scale invasion taking place! The security men push the President back into his car and zoom off as pods are fired from the saucer. The pods are actually the creatures that Baxter created for this elaborate ruse. The "aliens" quickly surround the President's car - but the driver floors the gas pedal and escapes. A high speed chase ensure, the aliens firing at the car with lasers.

Cut to Long Island where we see a black military vehicle sitting near a pier. Its roof has a satellite. Bishop is inside with some men and they're using it as a command post to control the fake invasion. Thus far Bishop is pleased with how things are proceeding.

The Turtles watch from rooftops while the "alien invasion" unfolds. The guys decide to act and their plan is to take out as many aliens as possible. Donatello notices that the aliens (S-Grays) are carrying Triceraton and Federation weapons, which doesn’t add up.

The President’s limo is hit by laser fire and crashes into an alley. The Turtles jump down to help, but before they can pull the Commander in Chief to safety, a group of S-Grays closes in.

Act 3: With the President and his men knocked unconscious from the crash, the Turtles and aliens battle. As they fight, the aliens begin to explode into goo!

Bishop is shocked when he sees the TMNT intervening and ruining his plan. The Agent calls Baxter to find out what's wrong with the S-Grays and the scientist informs him that his directive was to create automotons that could fire weapons - not compete in mortal combat. Apparently their systems are unstable and cannot take the physical punishment and thus they explode.

After the Turtles have disposed of the S-Grays attacking them, Don prepares to take a sample of the goo and finds a transmitter. Something definitely isn't right, but there isn’t time to figure it out as a group of military vehicles pull up to the alley to recover the President. The Turtles slip out of the alley just as the giant saucer fires a tractor beam that captures the President's limousine and begins lifting it skywards. The beam pulls the vehicle inside its hull and then flies away (but the other spacecraft remain stationary).

Don grows ever more suspicious and pulls out some equipment and quickly discovers that all of the smaller saucers are holograms - only the mother ship is real! Using the transmitter Don found, the Turtles track the signal back to Bishop and his command vehicle. Raph and Leo attack Bishop and his men while Don and Mikey knock out the satellite broadcasting the holographic saucer images. Unfortunately the satellite was also controlling the real spacecraft and now its falling straight towards our heroes on a crash course!

Act 4: Bishop runs for cover and the Turtles dive into the water. The UFO crashes into the pier. Once the smoke clears, the Turtles break into the saucer and begin their search for the President. They enter a control room and find a group of frozen S-Grays. Don deduces that the creatures are in stasis now that they're no longer receiving orders from Bishop's satellite. On cue, Agent Bishop appears carrying a small transmitter. Bishop states that it's time for him to save the President so he can get his funding and then activates the device. The group of S-Grays spring to life and attack. As Leo and Mikey battle the aliens, Raph and Don chase Bishop. After a quick fight, the ninjas kick Bishop down a ventilation shaft.

Cut to the President in a futuristic infirmary. As the Commander in Chief regains consciousness, two S-Grays hover over him with ill intent. The Turtles come running in to save the President - but he thinks they're just more aliens. Suddenly Bishop arrives with some of his troops. The agent tells the President that he's here to save him and the men open fire. The Turtles are forced to flee, leaving the President to fall for Bishop’s nefarious plan.

Back at the Turtles' lair, the guys watch the President on television. It seems Bishop’s plan has worked perfectly despite the Turtles intervention. The President is now convinced the potential for invasion is very real and that the Turtles represent the alien threat! An artist's rendering of the "alien menace" is shown which depicts four fanged anthropomorphic turtles. The TMNT are astounded by this development.

On the surface, a street cleaning truck is washing the goop from the fallen "aliens" into the city's sewers...

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palblog :: Blast from the Past #314: July 17, 2004 notes on a variety of things (a busy day!) :: 01.10.2011 05:40

Subj: notes on Ep. 87 premise
Date: Saturday, July 17, 2004 3:22:25 PM
From: Peter Laird
To: Lloyd Goldfine


Here are my notes on Ep. 87 premise.

1.) I'm unclear about the nature of the "strange organic manipulations that are mostly cosmetic, with no practical “super soldier” applications" that Stockman is working on for Bishop. Are these actual "aliens" he is making, or are they like "alien" prosthetics which will be worn by Bishop's men to SIMULATE aliens? I think the latter is more logical -- the former implies perhaps a bit too much capability for Stockman and/or Bishop.

2.) Re: the following:

"When the President comes to town, the Turtles are out and about, following the motorcade from the rooftops, playing “Avoid the Secret Service,” and hoping to catch a glimpse of the guy."

I think it might be fun for one of the Turtles -- maybe Mikey -- to say something (perhaps a little bit wistfully) about how cool it would be if THEY could be on the Secret Service, protecting the President with their special ninja skills.

3.) Re: the following:

"But as the motorcade reaches the U.N., Bishop’s “Alien Invasion” begins! A huge alien ship (similar in appearance to the one from the desert, but much bigger and more elaborate) appears over the U.N.

Similar ships appear popping up over the rest of the city.

Alien shock troops disembark.

The Turtles leap in to fight these new invaders, throwing a wrench into Bishop’s well laid plans."

A whole bunch of questions here. Although it is soon revealed that the other ships are holographic fakes and the one over the UN is the only "real" one, where did Bishop get this "real" one?
Do the "alien" shock troops only disembark from this "real" ship, or also from the others -- and if so, how do they do that if those others are just projections?
Do the Turtles reveal themselves to the public when they "leap in" to fight the "aliens"?

4.) Re: the following:

"The Turtles eventually figure out that this entire invasion is a sham, perpetrated by Bishop.

They manage to shut him down, causing Bishop to end his “invasion” in one day. "

I'm still not clear on how the Turtles manage to "shut him down", but I'm getting the idea that everyone BESIDES the Turtles (and Bishop and Stockman) in this story are all idiots. Does no one else see the pretty lame fakery here? Is the President that gullible? What happens to the ship above the UN? Is it destroyed? Does it just fly away?

5.) Re: the following:

"And the Turtles are left to wonder about Bishop . If he’d destroy NYC just to secure funding for his experiments… just how dangerous is this guy?"

"Destroy NYC"...? Why would they assume THAT? I see nothing in this story to indicate that NYC is in any serious danger of being "destroyed". And didn't the Turtles just figure out that whatever danger Bishop's "aliens" posed (mostly to the President), it was all FAKE anyway? What a ridiculous conclusion for them to make. Anyway, given their past experiences with Bishop, they don't need anything else to demonstrate to them that he is a serious threat.

-- Pete

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palblog :: Blast from the Past #318: August 3, 2004: comments on Ep. 87 ("Aliens Among Us")first draft, notes on EP. 91 ("Samurai Tourist") premise, and comments on Ep. 92 ("The Ancient One") premise

Subj: comments on Ep. 87 first draft
Date: Tuesday, August 3, 2004 12:50:07 PM

From: Peter Laird
To: Lloyd Goldfine


Here are my comments on Ep. 87 first draft.

1.) Re: the following:

Heads up! The Eagle is on the move!"

No real problem with "Eagle", but I wonder if it might be fun to use one of the actual codenames used for the President which is kind of silly-sounding -- "POTUS", for President Of The United States. (And as I read further, I see that Bishop actually uses this codename.)

2.) Re: the following:

I should be a secret service agent.
What would the secret be? Your smell?"

I think this is a good place for a joke, but Mikey's here is LAME, and really makes no sense. Maybe he should say something like "I think you'd have a little trouble with the height requirement, Raph!" That's not great, but at least it's not inane. Or maybe it should have something to do with "standing out in a crowd", which Raph would and which is a big no-no for the Secret Service.

3.) Re: the following:

(very serious)
Don… you don’t think… could this be the Shredder?"

Leo's question seems very strange to me (plus the line is superfluous). Why would he leap to that conclusion? As far as I can see, there is nothing about what they are seeing that screams "Shredder".

4.) I wonder if it would be handy if the Secret Service agents who are driving the President around are actually "plants" -- Bishop's men -- as their staged reactions might help to enhance the illusion of reality for the "alien" attack. To set it up, we might show these guys with Bishop earlier on.

5.) When the "alien" ships show up, I think it would be a perfect moment for someone (maybe the cabdriver mentioned in that scene) to groan out "Not again...!" (referring, of course, to the Triceraton invasion in season 3).

6.) Re: the following:

Hey, the parameters were scary, able to follow basic orders, and fire weapons… hand to hand fighting wasn’t on the list. The physical battering must be accelerating the breakdown."

I don't think Stockman would say "Hey"... and "the parameters were scary" seems off too. "Scary"? Doesn't seem like a way Stockman would describe something. I might suggest changing it as follows:

Your parameters were to make them able to follow basic orders, and fire weapons… hand to hand fighting wasn’t on the list. The physical battering must be accelerating the breakdown."

7.) Re: the following:

"WIDE ON THE SKY – the Saucer begins to slowly drift away, while the dozens of other ships in the distance stay still. An AIR FORCE JET streaks into FRAME from behind CAMERA, firing its , but the shots are stopped by a shimmering FORCE FIELD which appears when hit (only when hit)."

Would the Air Force jet fire on a ship which has just kidnapped the President?

8.) Re: the following:

Are you that whacked in the head? The only place you’re going is pain-ville."

A minor point, but I think it's "wacked" (as in "wacky"), not "whacked".

9.) I'm overall quite pleased with the way this one turned out.

-- Pete

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Как то не очень. Могу поставить твердую четверку. Но понравилось, что сюда
всунули Президента США.
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Концепты лаборатории Бишопа, которая располагалась в Зоне 51
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