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Серия 06A "Nightmares Recycled" <не существует> [110] [c03s05e06, c03e110]
"Nightmares Recycled"
Сценарист: Lloyd Goldfine
Режиссер: Roy Burdine
Автор сценария: Roland Gonzalez

Описание: Raph, Don, Casey, and April’s evening salvage operation lands them a one-way ticket to Recycle World – the Garbageman’s deadly realm of refuse! As if fighting for their lives in a world of lethal compactors and shredders wasn’t bad enough, they’ve got to do it all with Hun – who’s not thrilled to reveal that he and Garbageman have something in common – DNA!

NOTE: This episode was never completed. The script was finished and some animation had begun when 4Kids pulled the plug because it was deemed too controversial for a children's program (apparently Hun and the Garbageman were going to be conjoined twins that were surgically separated at birth).

(в переводе: этот эпизод никогда не был закончен. Сценарий был закончен и начались работы по анимации, но 4Kids сосчитала его слишком сомнительным для детской () передачи (вероятно из-за того, что Хан и Мусорщик по сценарию были сросшимися при рождении близнецами, и которые были хирургически разделены)
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Они почти одинаковые персонажи ! Представьте голова Хана и голова Мусорщика ! если слюньй мусорщика убрать и шрам хана почти похожи !
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Если бы выпустили эту серию то кто знает может озвучили на русском языке и выпустили бы на ДВД в России
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А я даже рад, что эту серию не выпустили! Ну не вписывается она в атмосферу всего сериала.
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  Сообщение от Дима

А я даже рад, что эту серию не выпустили! Ну не вписывается она в атмосферу всего сериала.

Весь 7 сезон "Не вписывается в атмосферу",но его же выпустили.
Я незнаю,рад я или нет.Было бы интересно посмотреть,но если смотришь на Мусорщика-Уже берёт отвращение,то что было бы,когда он срошийся с Ханом.
Хотя в тоже время я бы очень хотел увидеть Хана и Мусорщика в детстве,младенцами.

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palblog :: January 30, 2005: Re: Outline for Ep 110 ("Nightmares Recycled") :: 13.01.2012 19:18

Subj: Re: Outline for Ep 110 ("Nightmares Recycled")
Date: Sunday, January 30, 2005 4:02:21 PM
From: Peter Laird
To: Lloyd Goldfine


Here are my comments on the outline for Ep. 110.

1.) Re: the following:

"Garbageman (v.o. cont’d): Here my slaves – once human garbage – now have purpose, recycling it all into my empire!
We go to a conveyor belt, where we see a tied up April, Casey, Raph, Don, and Hun struggling to free themselves. They look frightened.
Garbageman (v.o. cont’d): Allow me to direct your attention to my latest “acquisitions” – RIPE for recycling!
We reveal that the conveyor belt is moving them all toward a huge, fiery incinerator. April is closest to the fire. "

The "conveyor belt into the fire" is always a good scary bit, but there's something odd about the Garbageman's obsession with recycling coupled with this big incinerator -- the two things seem to be at cross purposes. I mean, burning things in an incinerator is not really recycling... is it?

2.) Re: the following:

"At the junkyard, Don, April, Raph, Casey, the Professor, and his two buddies are assembled in front of a giant submersible of some kind. Don and April are in geek-mode. Raph and Casey look at each other and yawn…this may be awhile. The submersible looks familiar to Don, but he can’t quite place it (due to its damaged and rusted state). The Professor shares a most peculiar fact, he and his buddies found a hot meal just waiting for them right by it. Lots of food. Really good food, too. That’s weird. Too weird! Don doesn’t like it.

Just then, April notices a small beeping device on the side of submersible. It as a timer, and it’s counting down. Aw shell, that can’t be good! Don suggests they all head out of there quickly.

At that very moment, Hun appears. Don whispers to the Professor that things may get ugly and they should beat it. Hun’s there to make mince meat out of Casey, and the turtles are a pleasant bonus. "

Lots of wacky stuff here. First, this whole "giant submersible in the junkyard" -- and the hot meals left next to it -- bit had me scratching my head. Can a trap be any more blatant? And why a submersible? Especially a "damaged and rusted" one?

Why is a counter counting down necessarily a bad thing? Maybe it's a time lock which is going to open the doors to the submersible. And again -- could we be more blatant? And goofy? Doing this with a trap is like setting a mousetrap but having a little bell that rings when a mouse gets near it -- why warn your prey?

3.) Re: the following:

"The Garbageman is pleased that his little trap netted him such a wonderful prize … ready for recycling …here in Recycle World! Welcome! Welcome one and all! The Garbageman showcases Recycle World as we see various images of the gnarled metals and fantastic machines that make up his kingdom of garbage. It is a Jetsons-like city of gears, incinerators, and shredding machines mish mashed together from scrap metal – all grinding and churning garbage."

Should I be taking the word "city" literally? Seems a bit much -- after all, isn't Recycle World soon revealed to be just a big garbage barge?
Also, Garbageman's "little trap" seems to be ludicrously overcomplicated and not very efficient -- surely he can get his "raw materials" in an easier way (although we're never quite sure exactly HOW our protagonists were transported to Recycle World).

4.) I'm not crazy about the origin of Garbageman as laid out in this outline, but I have to say that when I read the logline for this episode and saw that Hun and Garbageman were in it, I was IMMEDIATELY struck with an idea -- what if Hun and Garbageman were related? What if, in fact, they are BROTHERS? Think about it -- they share a certain bulky physicality.

We haven't really gotten into much of a backstory for Hun, and this could help to flesh out both him AND Garbageman. One approach might be to say that Garbageman was Hun's younger brother, deformed -- or at least disabled -- since birth... and maybe even a little mentally ill. When Hun became leader of the Purple Dragons and then the Shredder's right hand man, he tried to help out his brother through his connections... maybe attempting to use some of the Shredder's technology to provide him with mobility and opportunity, with the thought that this might also help him with his mental illness. But something went wrong, and Garbageman was born. (Making this connection to the Shredder and his tech might go a long way to explaining how Garbageman gets a lot of his amazing machines.)

His relationship to his crazy brother is one that Hun is obviously not pleased to reveal and/or talk about, and we could use that to good effect in this story. It would also make for a great bit just before a commercial break -- Garbageman calls Hun by name or something, and the perplexed Turtles can say "You guys know each other?"... and Hun, with a look on his face which mixes love, regret, loathing, and a bunch of other emotions, would say "Yeah... he's my brother!"

5.) Re: the following:

"Hun removes his belt and uses it to also slide on the wire to the platform, but just as he’s about to make it, his belt snaps (from Hun’s weight) and he falls towards the shredding machine. At the last moment he grabs the platform. He is now hanging onto the platform by one hand, the way a person hangs onto a cliff. The shredder spins beneath him. Casey and Raph look at Hun with grim expressions. Hun congratulates them – certain that they mean to let him fall into the shredder. Raph tells him to stop being so melodramatic and they help him up."

This scene doesn't really make any sense as is, given what we know of Hun and his huge strength -- he could easily pull himself up.

6.) Re: the following:

"We dissolve to just outside the Garbageman’s Lair. It’s an ominous looking building. There is a weird mechanical lock at the entrance. Don starts fiddling with it but to no avail – he has never seen anything like it. Raph steps up to the lock. Don’s incredulous. What can Raph do? With that, Raph lets his fury fly on the device with sai swipes, until the device breaks off and the door opens. "

This scene seemed completely pointless to me.

7.) Re: the following:

"Just as Garbageman’s going to slice Hun, Don tosses his bo, which goes spinning towards the Garbageman’s chicken-walking legs, tripping them up. Garbageman’s machine topples over, releasing Hun."

That's some toss! I just don't see how Don's bo, especially if thrown (remember, it's essentially just a stick), is going to trip up something described earlier as a "huge metal machine (think the two-legged, chicken-walking AT-ATs from Star Wars)". Silly.

8.) Re: the following:

"Raph pushes Don out of the way and leaps onto the Garbageman’s hover-disk. With two furious sai swipes, he slices off the claw arms on the hover-disk, then jams one of his sai into the front of the disk, then jumps off."

Just another reminder that sais are not slashing/cutting weapons, like Leo's swords -- they're stabbing weapons.

-- Pete


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palblog :: Blast from the Past #357: February 11, 2005: comments Ep. 110 ("Nightmares Recycled") first draft :: 22.01.2012 17:38

Subj: comments Ep. 110 ("Nightmares Recycled") first draft
Date: Friday, February 11, 2005 2:24:52 PM
From: Peter Laird
To: Lloyd Goldfine


Here are my comments on the Ep. 110 first draft.

Before I get into specific comments, I have to reiterate that I think we are missing a wonderful opportunity with this episode to add a lot of depth to two under-rendered character -- Hun and (especially) Garbageman -- by exploiting my suggestion that we reveal that they are brothers. Instead, we basically have a repeat of the previous two Garbageman episodes, with a few details changed, and a silly, cliched origin story for Garbageman.

1.) Re: the following:

"CLOSER ON A CONVEYOR BELT – we watch some of the recycling process. A CRANE drops a LOAD OF TRASH onto the belt. Instantly CHOPPING BLADES descend on MECHANICAL ARMS to up the trash. FOLLOW THE TRASH as the conveyor belt moves the sliced trash under a HUGE COMPACTOR that comes down to all the trash flat. The conveyor belt proceeds to feed the sliced up, mashed trash into a huge INCINERATOR (NOTE: the belt runs UNDER the flames of the incinerator, carrying the trash through to be melted, not entirely burned).
Where the garbage that this city foolishly squanders is harvested – given value, given worth!
FOLLOW THE TRASH on the conveyor belt as it comes through the other side of the incinerator and we see two of the GARBAGEMAN’S WORKERS sifting through the STEAMING GARBAGE on the belt."

I am baffled -- how is this "recycling"? It seems totally ludicrous, done solely so we can have a "Tim Burton-esque" setting. I'm pretty sure that REAL recycling doesn't start with CHOPPING, MASHING, and MELTING, but instead begins with separating your raw materials into different basic groups so you can then determine what you have and what can be reused. Or maybe Garbageman's version of recycling is totally insane... which could be valid, given his character, but then that would affect the rest of the story.

2.) Re: the following:

"CLOSER ON THE TWO WORKERS: they are ghoulish, deformed, subhuman looking characters. Their skin is pressed tight against their skulls. They have large, protruding eyes (think Gollum from Lord of the Rings). Their teeth are pointy, their hair disheveled, their skin a sickly yellowish hue. "

The obvious question here is -- aside from the desire to have a "Tim Burton-esque" look -- WHY? Why do they look this way? Why are their teeth "pointy"? Garbageman later claims that the were "once human garbage", so the assumption is that they are or were human -- how did they become these "Lord of the Rings" rejects?

3.) Re: the following:

"A loud goes off. The group stops short and looks around, alarmed – except for Don, who looks at his work area.
CLOSE ON DON – his eyes widen as he smiles.
The Shell Comm!
WIDE ON DON - running to his work area towards a new device, THE SHELL COMM. – a COMPUTER HUB with FLAT SCREEN MONITORS SUSPENDED ON METAL ARMS and lots of DIALS, BUTTONS and SPEAKERS."

This is SO dumb. Are we REALLY supposed to believe that this is the first time the Turtles have heard the "Shell Com"'s buzzer, so that they're "alarmed"? A buzzer -- yeah, that's pretty alarming. And the description of this "Shell Com" thing sounds ridiculous, considering that Don had, three seasons ago, created the Shell Cells, which were apparently a lot more sophisticated than this thing.

4.) Re: the following:

"OTS DON as he takes a SEAT at the Shell Comm’s console. A monitor before him ignites, on the screen is APRIL O’ NEIL."

"Ignites" does not mean "turns on", it means "starts burning". Or is this a new retro-tech Don has come up with -- candle-powered monitors?

5.) Re: the following:

See you at the junkyard in half hour!"

That should be "half AN hour".

6.) Re: the following:

"A APRIL throws her arms around a Casey.

April! I’ve been wantin’ to ask you somethin’

CASEY AND APRIL pass out to the floor, shrouded by black smoke."

Considering that he says this AFTER they've all started choking and passing out from the gas coming out of the submersible, this is REALLY dopey timing for this Casey line.

7.) This whole "Trojan Horse" bit with the submersible in the junkyard strikes me as really silly and lacking in logic. How did it get there? How does it leave? It seems to me that something that weird would garner a LOT of attention coming and going. And it's a SUBMERSIBLE, right? Wouldn't it make more sense if it were found somewhere near WATER? Also, why does Garbageman bother with this "dependent on sheer chance" method of gathering his "human garbage", when in his very first appearance he had a much more efficient way of doing so (his amphibious vehicle camouflaged as a garbage truck)? I appreciate the need to somehow get our characters into Garbageman's clutches, but this just seems really weak and contrived.

8.) Re: the following:

If this is some trick you sick freaks pulled, I’m gonna tear your heads off and use them as Xmas ornaments."

So how is Hun going to say that -- "Xmas" or "Christmas"? Can't the writer be bothered to actually write out "Christmas"?

9.) Re: the following:

"ON A GARBAGE WORKER - furiously shoveling COAL into a FURNACE with a SHOVEL. PAN LEFT past the furnace to see an ASSEMBLY LINE, where another GARBAGE WORKER greedily sifts through TRASH."

So Garbageman, with all his high tech devices, uses a COAL-burning furnace?

10.) Re: the following:

A closed system…a perfect system!"

Garbageman (or the writer) obviously doesn't know what a closed system is -- one where nothing comes in and nothing goes out. That is clearly NOT what he has set up here.

11.) Garbageman's "circus freak" origin story is about as hoary a cliche as you can get.

12.) Re: the following:

"Casey and Hun find a PIPE and a STOP SIGN respectively and smash a blade apiece, but two blades lower to take the place of the blades they smashed! They keep swinging!"

Thank goodness that the blades which would otherwise chop up stop signs and pipes are vulnerable to those same stop signs and pipes when they are swung against the blades!

13.) Re: the following:

"RAPH dodges, then two blades with his sai, breaking both!"

Maybe these are just the "practice blades", not the real ones which are supposed to chop up the garbage. Or somebody sold Garbageman some cheap imitation counterfeit blades. Sheesh.

14.) Re: the following:

I’m gonna kick that fat psycho’s butt, right after I “recycle” you Jones!
HUN and CASEY leap for each other angrily and start fighting.
Yeah…your mother!"

This action is SO dopey... and makes both Hun and Casey seem like complete morons who can't see IMMEDIATELY that escaping their imprisonment by this whackbag Garbageman takes precedence over their feud with each other.

15.) Re: the following:

I’ve seen Garbageman tech before… Disable one, and they all go down"

Isn't THAT convenient? When did Don see this? I don't remember any incidents from Garbagman's past two appearances that would lead to this conclusion. And what does it mean, anyway? "Disable one, and they all go down" -- one WHAT?

16.) Re: the following:

" The conveyor belt drops everything into a HUGE SHREDDER.


The Shredder!"

Hah. Hah. This might ALMOST be funny if Raphael didn't repeat pretty much the same gag after the break.

17.) Re: the following:

"ON PLATFORM– Hun grabs the BO and THE TURTLES AND CASEY hoist him up. Hun is stunned, incredulous, wide-eyed, touched.

While I have no problem at all with a scene which has the Turtles and Casey saving Hun instead of doing nothing and letting him die, this one is just dumb. This is HUN, remember -- the guy who can swing lampposts like they're toothpicks. SURELY in this kind of situation, he could pull himself up!

18.) Re: the following:

"THE GROUPS POV of the platform leading to the corridor – a ways down it is GARBAGE WORKER #1 carrying a WHEEL BARREL OF TRASH."

A "wheel barrel" -- is that anything like a WHEELBARROW?

19.) Re: the following:

"ON GROUP – on Casey’s order they charge after him.
Get’ em!"

"'Em" is short for "them". If they are only chasing one person -- and assuming that person is male -- it would be "'im" (short for "him").

20.) The whole scene with the worker is, to put it mildly, wacky. First, our group charges after this poor guy -- why? Then Raph immediately wants to just beat the crap out of him -- why? Then Don stops Raph from hurting the guy, saying that they need to find out from the guy where Garbageman is (huh? why do they need to know that?) and how to get out of Recycle World... but doesn't even ASK the guy anything! (Bizarrely, Don even promises that Raph can beat the guy up later if Raph's good.) And then everybody stands around watching as Hun tortures this guy, breaking his bones, and nobody lifts a finger. And to cap off this stupidity, Don and Raph have a fun little conversation about how "good guys" can't torture people, but lucky for them "bad guys" like Hun can, all while this worker -- who has done NOTHING to any of them, and is obviously one of Garbageman's VICTIMS -- is brutalized by Hun. This is APPALLINGLY bad writing.

21.) Re: the following:

"THE TURTLES, CASEY, AND HUN look utterly horrified as they look off camera.
REVERSE – the lights reveal the GARBAGEMAN. "

Has this writer even SEEN any of the episodes of this show? Why are these characters "utterly horrified"? They have all seen things MUCH scarier than freakin' Garbageman! I could see them looking disgusted or repulsed, but "utterly horrified"? No way.

22.) Re: the following:

"CLOSE ANGLE ON DON - the SERPENT’S JAWS are headed for his head. SUDDENLY - RAPH leaps in and at the serpent’s “neck”.
The “HEAD” flies off, the arms coils loosen, Don wriggles free.
WIDER – GARBAGEMAN watches the action! The arm extends forth a new SERPENT HEAD (from the “neck hole” left by the first head) then CHOMPS DOWN AROUND RAPH’S TORSO and hoists him in the air.
ON RAPH - the SERPENT ARM sends surging through it, Raph, keeping him in a painful electrical stasis. "

This stuff is painfully cheesy. I like how the magical head-replacing serpent arm only remembers that it can send electricity through itself when it's holding Raph, but doesn't do it to Don. Bad, bad, bad.

23.) Re: the following:

"CASEY wails on GARBAGEMAN’S OPPOSITE SIDE with two bat-sized PIPES. "

It's "whales", not "wails".

24.) Re: the following:

You had “opinions” about my work, perhaps you be recycled first?"

Should that be "you should be"?

25.) Re: the following:

" Hun continues on the machine fiercely."

Buy this writer a dictionary! It's "whaling", not "wailing".

26.) Re: the following:

"FOLLOW CASEY as he runs to a nearby PILE OF TRASH and picks up a giant TIMBER SAW BLADE. He runs to the base of the CLAW ARM holding APRIL and the arm clean off. "

I don't get this action at all. A "timber saw blade"? You mean one of those things that is used to cut WOOD? And Casey simply picks it up and casually slices through a METAL arm?

27.) Re: the following:

"Garbageman hangs on to the damaged catwalk for dear life. It , giving way.
THE TURTLES get as close as they can get to him on their (undamaged) catwalk. Don reaches out with his BO.
ON GARBAGEMAN – he reaches out, but at the last second, the catwalk gives, dropping him into the acid below as it falls.

DRAMATIC DOWNSHOT – of Garbageman falling into the acid. "

Let me see if I understand this. Shortly before Garbageman is dangling over the vat of acid, the Turtles are willing to push over another vat of acid, the plan being that the acid will rush towards Garbageman and his partially-disabled walker machine and (apparently) destroy both him and the machine. They clearly don't care if Garbageman gets caught in the "river" of acid that they make flow toward him. But now, for some reason, they want to SAVE him from being dissolved in acid. WTF?!

28.) Re: the following:

Hey, that oversized noggin of yours sure came in handy when you climbed on up and fried those robo blade arms.
And nice assist on the lock to Garbageman’s lair.
By the way, thanks for getting “mean and green” on Garbageman when he had me in his claw. I thought he as going to drop me in that acid for sure. You really raised some shell, Raph.
Aw…that was nothing…compared to your idea to tip over the acid. Hey…who needs Leo and Mikey…we are the Teenage Mutant Dream Team. Gimme’ some green!"

This congratulatory exchange seems completely pointless to me, reiterating as it does action we've already seen, and for no apparent reason.

-- Pete


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palblog :: Blast from the Past #359: February 26, 2005: comments on Ep. 110 third draft :: 25.01.2012 20:10

Subj: comments on Ep. 110 third draft
Date: Saturday, February 26, 2005 3:04:52 PM
From: Peter Laird
To: Lloyd Goldfine


Before I get into my specific comments, I would like to commend whoever it was who transformed what I considered a weak, non-viable script into one which actually works pretty well. Impressive!

1.) Well, it's not exactly what I was thinking about when I made the suggestion that Hun and Garbageman turn out to be brothers, and it's pretty twisted, but this conjoined-then separated-twins thing actually kind of works. I think we could have gotten a lot more emotional content out of a slightly different approach which would have given Hun and Garbageman more complicated and compelling emotional arcs, but I won't quibble.
However, now that we HAVE established this surprising connection -- one which, if further (and properly) explored, could turn Garbageman into a GREAT character (in my humble opinion) -- it seems a shame to kill him off! (Which is what I think happens, irrevocably it would seem, in this script, wherein Garbageman dissolves in a vat of acid.) I wonder if we should do something which would leave it a little more open-ended, although SEEMING final. Not sure what that would be, exactly. One suggestion -- which I will openly admit strains credulity a tad -- might be that, unknown to our heroes (and Hun) Garbageman is either (a) immune to the effects of that acid through some mutant physiological factor, or (b) he has treated his body with chemicals which allow him to resist the effects of the acid for a short time (something which might be a sensible precaution as operator of Recycle World, with all those carelessly placed vats of acid you can fall into or be splashed by).

2.) Re: the following:

HUN JR. runs happily holding the freshly removed, unconscious GARBAGEMAN JR, his lower half wrapped in DIRTY BLANKETS. Hun JR. Garbageman Jr. into a pile of TRASH. CAM FOLLOWS Garbageman Jr.’s flight, falling unconscious amid the garbage."

It seems a little preposterous that young Hun could run right after such a serious operation... and unlikely as well that -- if his motive in finding the creepy doctor was to just get rid of his conjoined twin -- Hun would care enough about that twin to have the doctor keep the twin alive during or after the operation.
I would suggest a slightly tweaked version, in which Hun and the creepy doctor strike a deal -- the doctor will do the operation, but as payment he gets to keep the malformed twin for his own sick purposes, to experiment on as he sees fit. But at some point the freak turns on the doctor and kills him, then takes over his equipment and supplies ("recycles" them, you might say) to begin his career as Garbageman.
I would prefer this approach for several reasons, not least because a conjoined twin of this nature could not very likely be easily removed -- it would require extra surgery before its systems (circulatory and digestive are the two that come first to mind) could be self-sustaining.
Also, it would be good if there was a LITTLE bit more shading in Hun's attitude toward his "freak" twin. I can easily see that Hun would hate the freak -- who wants to have something like that hanging out of the side of one's body? talk about impediments to a social life! -- but I think he would also have SOME kind of limited affection for it. After all, it's not the freak's fault that he was born the worse half of the combo. Hun should have SOME little bit of nagging guilt that he callously got rid of his brother. In short, I think instead of a "hate" relationship, there should be more of a "love/hate" relationship (with more emphasis on the "hate" part, I'm sure).

3.) I could see how Garbageman could/would recognize Hun when he sees him -- but how could Hun immediately recognize Garbageman? After all, the last time Hun saw his freakish twin, it was a lot younger and smaller, and besides that, Hun most likely assumes that his twin had long since perished.

4.) Re: the following:

"HUN rolls to his feet looking madder than hell when …
ONE OF THE GARBAGE WORKERS lifts a blowpipe (made from real pipe with threads and everything) to his lips and !
ON HUN as a DART into his neck. He staggers, fighting it, but his eyes shut and he falls to the ground.

ON – RAPH AND CASEY start to move in an attack towards the Garbageman.

ON RAPH AND CASEY – DARTS into each of their necks. A second later they drop to their knees and pass out. "

There is nothing per se wrong with this, but the obvious question when you introduce such an effective way of neutralizing our heroes is -- why doesn't the bad guy use it EVERY time? I think it would work better for me if something was added to soften up our heroes before they get darted -- like maybe a shock or gas grenade or an electric shock to disorient them momentarily so they can't dodge the darts like they ordinarily would be able to.

5.) Re: the following:

After I take care of my brother, I am so going to take care of you guys."

The use of the phrase "so going to" sounds much younger than Hun, more like what a teenager might say. And to use "take care" twice in one line seems a bit much. Here's one suggestion for a way to change this line:

After I finish with my brother, I'll take care of you pests."

6.) Re: the following:

"DRAMATIC DOWN SHOT – of Garbageman falling into the acid.
THE TURTLES AND CO. wince at Garbageman’s demise. Hun looks on… unmoved.
Goodbye … brother.
ON GARBAGEMAN’S HAND – reaching out as it sinks into the vat."

I think Hun should not be "unmoved" by Garbageman's apparent demise. No, he shouldn't break down and sob, but I think a little mixed emotions are called for... and this could be sold well by the right reading of the line "Goodbye... brother" and the expression Hun has at that moment.

7.) Re: the following:

"ANGLE ON – Hun stands near one helicopter with a PURPLE DRAGON PILOT inside. Casey, April, Raphael and Donatello stand near the large, open side-door.
This isn’t finished between us.
Hun, it ain’t never gonna be finished between us … until one of us is …
I know. But, not today.
Hun addresses the pilot.
Take them wherever they want to go … and no harm comes to them! They’re under my personal protection … at least for right now."

I think I know what is going on here -- Hun's life was saved in the bowels of Recycle World by the Turtles and Casey, so he "owes them one"... and thus lets/helps them get away THIS time. Right? If so, I think that should be made a little more clear by tweaking the dialogue here.

-- Pete


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  Сообщение от Raph 007 

Хотя в тоже время я бы очень хотел увидеть Хана и Мусорщика в детстве,младенцами.

Твоё желание сбылось (ну или почти сбылось, т.к. здесь они не младенцы )!
Вот набросок Хана-Мусорщика для 5 сезона - его опубликовал Питер Лерд в своём блоге. Смотрите сами!
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А сценарий вообще есть . Можете кто-нибудь выкладывать для прочтения .
25.02.2012, 13:24
Как то странно что именно эта серия не вышла,т.к в 5 сезоне есть серии с более жутковатым сценарием.
Эххх что почему ж она им показалась жестокой
17.12.2013, 21:53

  Сообщение от RayCrit 

ДА я б хотел увидеть эту серию хоть и на любом языке...

Согласен я тоже бы
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какого фига эту серию делали, если её не выпустили, могли бы не делать ваще! Я всё так хочу её увидеть! Искал в ютубе серию с этим названием, но вместо неё серия Membership Drive! Печально((((
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какого фига эту серию делали, если её не выпустили, могли бы не делать ваще! Я всё так хочу её увидеть! Искал в ютубе серию с этим названием, но вместо неё серия Membership Drive! Печально((((

Ее не сделали, вообще-то.
18.10.2014, 02:49

  Сообщение от DemonS 

Ее не сделали, вообще-то.

Я в курсе! Но я имел ввиду то, что её как бы почти сделали, но затем решили отменить и запретить!

Последний раз редактировалось Sing Leo; 18.10.2014 в 02:53.
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  Сообщение от Sing Leo 

Я в курсе! Но я имел ввиду то, что её как бы почти сделали, но затем решили отменить и запретить!

Ее даже толком не начинали делать. Только успели написать сценарий и пару набросков. Так что к "почти сделали" эта серия уж точно не относится
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